Big Thnx, Site Update

1st thnx for the great comments from you guys, i really appreciate it. 2nd ive had like 20+ requests lately to post more about the actual dev process, dino factual info, etc, and how i do it all (hope alot of you are game devs, or inspiring devs), feel free to ask any questions.

I usually post dev stuff on the JE Unity Forum thread, and i dont want to bore anyone, lol, but starting this weekend ill be posting alot more inside dev info here.

And lastly JE…. there will be alot more coming to the game, hidden weapons, cut scenes, teleports, new hybrid dinos, and an ending i dont think ive ever seen in a game (that i know of).

One last thing, i wish i had more time to dedicate to the website but i just dont have it. Everything dev wise is going great, but im thinking i may have someone else head/take care of Enigmatic Games site, as this isnt the only game we will be releasing, and the next will have a team (3-6), so i deffinately wont have much time.

If im not at my regular FT job, im deving, 24-7, i dont stop, and never will, it only gets better 🙂 If anyone know someone who would like to take charge of the site, that would be great, cant pay anything till games release, but you wont be forgotten about 🙂

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