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Good News

Heya guys, great news, porting over to HDRP wasnt bad at all. Im in the process of converting materials to hdrp lit shader (that the auto-converter didnt get), and my custom wind/foliage shader. Everything is there, only thing missing is the grass, which i expected. So now its just convert mats and re-add grass (my hdrp grass, used in the test).

Some things to note: 1st person controllers are a no no in HDRP. So you guys are getting the shiny new UltimateUFPS v2.0 controller (3rd person). Also Aquas2 doesnt support HDRP, so ill be using Crest, another great water prog with HDRP support. Cant wait till JE is fully HDRP converted, gonna look great! Its funny i thought to myself while working, “your really modding your own game, lol”, thats what it feels like. Heres a SS, just finished the rocks, ground textures, and kapok vine trees, and got photo-bombed by the dilophosaur, lol:


Well after over a week of being schooled, and my testing results, i really like HDRP, alot. Ive decided to convert JE to HDRP (in process as we speak). Will take a bit as thats 4 levels (scenes) worth to convert over. Ill spend tonight and tomorrow after work, converting mats, removing unsupported assets, changing shaders and getting it all set up.

If things go nice, then ill just continue on with work where i left off. If not, then ill be starting from the latest HDRP JE test scene and go forward. Even if i use the HDRP test scene, wont lose much time wise, as its already set up for JE anyway, lol. Also when that scene was finished, it was running 70-80 FPS, with full PPE, volumetric sun shafts, etc.

Either way, and even with this pandemic going on, i have arranged my lessons, full time job, and personal life, so i can devote alot more time to JE. The updates and work will resume as soon as i have the orig JE ported over, and see next step.


Added in dilophosaurs and protoraptors (AI, shaders, mats), alot more scene work (fog, lighting):

New Custom Grass

The grass came out awesome, lol. Still needs a bit of polish work, but i like it. Ive also started adding in dead trees, stumps, etc., and they look real good in HDRP, and the last change is, in my above tips and tricks, you can turn off specular support from the sky, or directional.

So what ive done is turn on the directional and not the sky, so that it adds just a bit of specular, thats what i was taught, if you add any specular to your scene, you start by cutting it down by 50%, and add more if needed. You can see it on the main characters uniform, and lights on rocks, etc. Yes the scene needs some hue/color work, as the trees hue is wrong, but thats my class tomorrow night :):

Scene WIP

Weekend is about over, so heres what the scene is supposed to look like, alot of adjustment, and added in all kinds of scaled rocks. At some point this week, ill get back to working on it, love how its starting to look:


Theres no class tonight, due to electricity is out where my instructor lives, YAY! So ive been told to apply what ive learned in the past few nights, and the result is just awesome. This is the 1st level/scene, in HDRP, PPE, UFPS v2 (not finished), cloudstoy for clouds, gaia generated terrain, wind shader added (speed/strength is set too low), and custom textures. It runs at 80-90 FPS, a very good starting base:


My teacher asked a good question today…”Warthos, what do you want for jurassic extinction? Meaning, not what others want, or what you think they want, but what do YOU want?”. My brain started to smoke, lol.

I said…”to be honest, all the assets, models, workflow and ideas are set, i can transfer JE to anything, and its still going to look like JE, and my work. What do I want?…i want (as you have taught me) HDRP, with good/decent performance, which adds the ability to port to x-box and playstation, as well as higher end PC”.

Mike said, “your theory, workflow, and “pre-optimize/set up things”, attitude shows. A good practice to have. Your next step and lesson will be in shader support. We have talked about this…”.

Ive learned so much its crazy, hard to take it all in. I have to admit…ive been “weak” (mikes phrase) with shader support. Good news is, JE is now 2019.3.8f1 ported (built in renderer). Ive set up a new server (JE-HDRP), and while i learn, i update JE at the same time. Mike will play it and pick things out that arent “fitting in”, then i know what my next lesson will be on. He has also got me into Quixel Mixer, love it alot!.

JE has gone through alot of “learning and development” phases, but as you have seen…its always been for the better. If JE is to be a “good” game”, it has to have the best GFX/aesthetics it can, and the best performance/gameplay/story that i can dev.

Ill try and post when i have time, heres my desktop screen shot, its JE’s main character (John Paul Dupree), after i finished his textures. This is in the HDRP version of JE, He will now be imported into UltimateUFPS v2.0 (3rd person) controller. The scene is a WIP. Just look at the great details and effects, im proud of that work. Tested a few dinos and they look insane in hdrp:

Downtime, Advancement, And Improvements

Heya guys, due to the global pandemic, which effects us all in different ways (personally, physically, finantialy), i too have been effected. Ill still post an update here and there, and JE is safe, ill be taking some time off till my country “opens back up”. In that time ill be doing the following:

-Taking some classes on unity (after work, etc.).
– Learning from some of my dev friends, that are way above my caliber. (good company).
– Experimentation with JE in 2019.3, in HDRP.

I need to learn, i want to learn. And thats what im going to do during the downtime. I had a few hours last night, and i converted JE to 2019.3, and it went flawless 🙂 After/during my lessons ive been setting up JE HDRP, and progress is insane. So, i have a new editor/unity version/features, now using HDRP, which also opens ports of JE to X-Box, Playstation, and PC.

What ive learned so far has been great. I have SpeedTrees working in HDRP (2018.4.2f1), and alot of other assets. Heres my problem. These assets are not all mine, so unless i had permission from said authors, i cant just give them out. So ill be contacting them and see what is possible (if i have time, lol). Ill tell you what i did with HDRP 2018.4.2f1 LTS build (dont know about other versions) on the Conifer tree (speedtree), and it looks great:

Once mats are all converted to the HDRP shader (either automaticly, or manual if needed), you must add Alpha Cutoff (0.01) in the mats for any fronds and leaves, then adjust the metallic on your base color/texture (0.7), and make sure to lower smoothness to 0, if not your LODS will look crapy.

Lots of other tricks for HDRP, (i keep a unity hdrp bible file, with everything in it), which i will share as time goes by. Everyone please…stay safe and healthy, nothing is worth the risc of sickness or death, ill have limited internet, but ill pop in here and there.

God bless you all…


This was part of my “being schooled” learning (only part of it). I had to dev a 1024 x 1024 terrain, with built-in renderer, ground textures, rocks, trees, and water (basics), in 30 mins or less, with at least 60 FPS. Heres my result, not bad, wish i had more time, lol:

Was told that (step 2), im to dev the same scene in HDRP, in 1 hour, with comparative or better results. Damnit, lol, think i learned my lesson now…

Level 4 Area 1 WIP

Did alot of work to level 4 area 1, finished AI, adjusted dmg/speed, added item crate, and added nest/eggs. I also started prototyping out area 2. Heres the latest WIP: