Little Break

Heya guys, hope everyone is safe, healthy, and happy 🙂 Im taking a few days off from JE for a good reason. Im in shopping mode, buying assets, downloading free ones, that are actually useful in this, and future projects, and organizing my projects and assets (cleaning house).

As a game dev, ive decided that my next step, to further my experience and knowledge, as well as quality of my work, i bought Terrain Composer 2. I might switch to Gaia later on. I feel i need to get more into terrain generators, and better terrain methods/results. I need to learn and progress like a game does, and ive done that so far. Time to get to work.

Im pre-setting up/optimizing all assets (new project) before i even begin using TC2, once done, im ready to rock and roll. I know ill be turning out some killer terrains, but not sure ill use it on JE, as i like how i have things set up (close quartered/more blocked off), but then ya never know 🙂 Ill be posting a video this weekend of my TC2 journey.


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