Level 4 Update

Heya guys, well im considered an “Essential Need” during the pandemic, so i dont get to stay home and do extra work on JE 🙁 But normal work continues, the Troodon is finished, working on striped raptor, and working on level 4 area 1. Weekend will be here soon, and i can tell you the 1st dino in the new area will be Dimetrodon.

One thing thats been on my mind is the Brachyosaurs, theyre herbavores, and dont have any attack animations, but i NEED them in game. They were the 1st dino i ever added to the game, and i love them, call them “my girls”. I will figure out a way to add them in. Might take some modifications, but they will be there.

No matter where you live, no matter the situation, be safe, protect yourself and your friends and family, god bless you all.

Warthos 🙂

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