In all my research for this game, one thing i keep seeing everywhere (official JP games, fan games, etc.)….ALOT of people want to see a striped raptor…So ive decided to create a killer one, but it will be my ProtoRaptor model that ill use. Dont you worry, Warthos has got you.

I actually scoured the internet for “striped raptor” to see if anyone has made a striped raptor (official or other-wise), and didnt find much. It seems like no one has, (or i cant find it), made a striped raptor. The only “closest thing” i could find was a few “tiger-like”, orange and black striped versions. That is way off base, as the raptor species is NOT evolutionarily tied in any way to the tiger species. Call it what you want, but its not even remotely or scientificly possible.

So i guess im treading on new ground, and IF im able to create the striped raptor (pre-liminary results look good) i have in mind, then ill be the 1st. My version is what raptors would have looked like if they had survived long enough to adapt to their environment. Now my protoraptor is one phase of that. They adapted a bit differently then other raptor species (color/environment/scale).

Raptors were “wide spread” across the globe, and many adapted to their respective environments. Which makes for some interesting variations. Same is true for all other species of dinos, which were “evolving” also.

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