Daily Archives: March 24, 2020

Proper Introduction

Ya know the whole time ive been at Unity ive never really introduced myself:

Hello, im Paul Langlois AKA: Warthos (Duncan in earlier years) im from New Hampshire (USA). I started out playing early console games, then got into hacking them (by hex editor interface, action replay/exploder, etc.), then started game deving with early engines like RPG Creator (8-16 bit). Got my 1st computer at 18 (386dx) and i was hooked, learned how to code and more, and i got into the Emulation scene. Worked on such emulators as 1964 (n64 emu), had a emu news site called WWEmu.com and was in the emu scene for many years.

As the years rolled by i started to get into pc based game dev, but there werent alot of game engines out in those days (early 80’s). As time went on i used a few engines like FPS Creator, FPSC x10, etc. Lots of fun and made alot of games. Also have done my share of game modding, for many games, love Left For Dead series (Valve/Steam).

In recent years ive worked on such games as Phantasy Star Online (PSO, Dreamcast, SOA) as a anti-hex hacker, Shadowbane (a mmorpg PvP based game from ubisoft/wolfpack studios), that was shutdown, but we in the community got into server emulation, and now 2 SB emulators
exist: MagicBane, and SBEmu (by way of reverse-enginering/packet sniffing, etc.).

I recently decided to hit the big game development engines that we now have (Unity3d, UnrealEngine), as ive always worked for someone else (in-house custom engines), time to do dev for myself. I was deving some assets for another game engine: Game Guru, (which used to be FPS Creator), when i thought about unity/unreal.

Unity hands down best choice, and i havent looked back since. C#, good particle/PPE systems, flexibility is great, support for models/textures/audio, is good, can produce same visual results as unreal, IF your looking to dev a AAA title like that. Unity has a larger asset, community, and knowledge base (yes ive used UE, but dont like it).

New JE Member

Level 3 is done accept a few tweaks, so i started prototyping level 4 last night. Ive also been working on/creating some new dinos, i have at least 4 so far. Between what i make and what i buy, there will be no shortage of dinos, lol.

Wanted to introduce our newest member of JE….the Troodon. He will fit in nice, and heres a SS of him, he wont look like that once im done, currently looking at different colors of feathers and etc. Hes 12 foot long, and a omnivore (eats small animals, etc.), and likes to snack on humans: