Daily Archives: March 21, 2020

Level 3 Area 4 WIP

Did alot of work on area 4 last night and today, and its begining to shape up:

  • T-rex animations and AI set up.
  • Added in the destroyable wall at entrance.
  • Added grenade support (UFPS).
  • Added item crates, assault rifle ammo, and grenades.

Dmg/health adjustment will be next, and set up of more item crates. Also need to correct the “ghost grenade” effect i see when throwing a grenade. If you watch close, as your throwing a grenade, youll see a ghost copy fly off to the left:


Just wanted to clearify my previous post. Its not that i wont post updates here as much, its more that i want you to see the actual, trials/tribulations of JE. I use Unity as my engine of choice, for this project. So, im always posting more frequent info on the Unity forum JE thread.

Its a great community, and i have alpha testers there, and a bit more “unity experienced” people for objectivity. So if your looking to “look under the hood” of JE, then ya know where to go 🙂 And remember to look at the latest pages of the thread, as JE actually was started in august 2019.