L3A3 Finished

Level 3 area 3 is now finished. This area came out awesome, was worth the extra work and time. Deving this area was a bit of a challenge, considering the set up. Its like deving 2 levels, top and ground. Also note where you are, your at the bottom of a canyon, so if it looks a little dark, its expected, due to where you are, your down in a hole, lol.

Now onto the the next/final area, going to be exciting, the level is lava/rock/volcanic area and the boss is….T-Rex!. Going to be fun, there will be two of them, i have alot of plans for this boss fight, and if you have them, grenades might come in handy, lol. More info/SS/Video to come. If anyone has any questions/comments, feel free 🙂
Heres the video of the ground level:

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