L3A3 WIP Update 2

Level 3 area 3, is coming out great, the pteranodon’s are all added in, still need to adjust dmg ratios, and alot more (WIP), but acting nice. Heres the updated info:

  • Pteranodons added (11, including hatchlings).
  • Ground textures done.
  • Aquas water plane added in.
  • Set up AI.
  • Finished the 2 bridges that lead to the ground level.
  • Added item crates, health pickups and shotgun shells.
  • Fixed navmesh problem on bridges (will explain below).

Had a navmesh prob with the bridges, where i couldnt navmesh bake the actual planks for a walkable surface, so the ptera’s would just stand there, lol. The fix/trick is to create a plane, and lign it up just a hair under the planks and color it black (you cant see or notice it), and navmesh bake that plane. Now you have a navmesh surface for navigation. Heres the update video (dont mind the mess):

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