Area 3 Update

Spent a few hours working on area 3, really like how its developing. Heres the update for tonight:

  • Wood texture on bridge wood, planks, and posts added.
  • New species of prehistoric tree added, the Jatoba Tree, they are thinner, and taller than the kapok trees.
  • Finished all rock walls (2 stages).
  • Started top level trees.

Ill be working on this area for the weekend, maybe longer if i decide to allow access to the ground level. If i do, ground level will be a very dangerous place. Plan would be add 1 way up and down from rope bridge level, add a river (as its a canyon area, and was planned anyway), and decide what dinos to place there. When you go to leave this area is where the grenades come into play. You have to blow down a rock wall to access the final boss area…the volcanic scene. Heres another WIP SS (entrance view):

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