New Addition To JE

Before i start the weekends dev work, i wanted to share some info on JE’s latest addition…the ProtoRaptor. In the attached SS below, you will see on the left, a correct scaled velociraptor. Velociraptors were only the size of a modern day turkey. Not what you see in jurassic park. I gave the raptors a green hue, as it would aid in blending in (hiding) in the long grass, etc. Now the protoraptor has adapted to more of a bark brown color, can blend in with trees, etc., as they dont have to hide, theyre pretty big.

The protoraptor on the right has a bigger scale, different texture, different vocals, and different movements/animations. I will be working on the protoraptor tonight, and will post a video of the progress, and resume level dev tomorrow:

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