S2A4 Finished

Scene 2 area 4 is done, its a woodland area, and a boss area. Just need to adjust dmg/health/ammo ratios to the carnosaurs. Also done in area3 was added Aquas in, added undewater caustics, wet lenz, etc. We are now at the end of scene 2, and we are still at 70+ FPS. Heres the latest info on area 4:

  • Created terrain, added in, gound textures, grass, rocks, and rock walls.
  • Added dead trees, conifer trees, and ferns.
  • Carnotaurs added, set up AI, and adjust animations.
  • Added pick up crate, health and ammo pickups.

The area itself turned out nice, still some tweaking/adjusting to do. What i like about scene dev in JE, is the addition of planes, boats, ships, subs, etc. It gives the player something to investigate, some fun, and you shall be rewarded. Additional/hidden weapons are almost ready 


┬áIll give you a hint… have you ever wanted to melee down a dino, instead of shoot it?… yes melee weapons are being added. Heres the area 4 video:

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