S2 A1+2

Scene 2 area 1 (swamp) is finished. The compy cave is almost done, its a cave, not much in caves. Will be complete begining of this week. Here the changes:
– Blood particles adjusted.
– Carcass bones added to all areas that have carnivores.
– Added in dino eggs/nests, for the dinos.
– Corrected prob with particle effects not working with EmeraldAI.

This week ill be working on the 3rd area. It has a lake, a few rivers, maybe a waterfall, etc. Plesiosaurus will be in the lake, Xenacanthus (prehistoric shark) in lake and rivers, and Baryonyx the fish eating lizard by rivers. Heres a vid of current progress (NOTE: im “untagged” so i can run around freely):

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