Daily Archives: February 9, 2020


Scene 2 Area 1 is about done, aside from some tweaks. The swamp has 2 sarcosuchus, and i finally got the ground fog look i was shooting for. I now have a solid workflow, and a consistancy across all scenes. This area only took 2 days or less to fully dev. Heres the eye candy:

Graphics Overhaul

I have done an overhaul of the graphics for JE. Came out fantastic!, JE is really shaping up and looking great. What a big difference, heres some details:

  • Switched to deferred rendering.
  • AA is now added through PPE.
  • Color space is now Linear.
  • Added/adjusted: AA, Ambient Occlusion, Eye Adaptation, Color Grading, Bloom.

Heres the video showing the new graphics:

2nd Scene Update

Heya guys, got some exciting news!. Finished scene 1 (which is also the Alpha Demo), and started on scene 2 (area 1). Its looking really good, very good vibe from this area. Heres the update/video for the big croc (sarcosuchus) area: