Alpha Update 2

Heres a short vid to show the new changes. Controller is working great, i need to adjust the Jump, doesnt really show, looks like i tripped, lol. Dinos are working great too, do have to adjust their “attack distance” just a bit more (drawing them closer), as a few peeps said they were attacked out of normal range.

Palms are in, changed base grass, shut off sun shafts for now (resource hog), 2 areas left to add foliage, then done. Should have fog done by weekends end. Theres 2 types of fog, volumetric and dynamic. Both have pros and cons, testing out a few solutions.

Can say one thing, Aura2 is out, resource hungry in a scene of my type. If i used it, id have to switch to deferred rendering (and lose AA), to make up for the loss in FPS by using it. Anyway…this is looking damn good, shaping up:

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