Alpha Demo Update

Heya guys, after correcting all the probs with the controller, i decided i wanted to do some scene work and fix a few probs at the same time:

  • Colliders fixed on rocks.
  • Controller “stutter” and head bob problems fixed.
  • Crouch no longer sticks.
  • Removed motion blur.
  • Palm trees and more foliage added.

Still have climbing ivy and moss to add in, then its time to dev the next scene/level, or start work on cutscenes. Working on fog right now, and ill probably use Fog Volumes. Easier to set up a defined area with a certain type of fog, but will be a ground fog, not to high, will look great. Heres what the alpha demo scene looks like now (in the vid i crouched a few times, and looked down a few times to show all is good):

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