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New Addition To JE

Before i start the weekends dev work, i wanted to share some info on JE’s latest addition…the ProtoRaptor. In the attached SS below, you will see on the left, a correct scaled velociraptor. Velociraptors were only the size of a modern day turkey. Not what you see in jurassic park. I gave the raptors a green hue, as it would aid in blending in (hiding) in the long grass, etc. Now the protoraptor has adapted to more of a bark brown color, can blend in with trees, etc., as they dont have to hide, theyre pretty big.

The protoraptor on the right has a bigger scale, different texture, different vocals, and different movements/animations. I will be working on the protoraptor tonight, and will post a video of the progress, and resume level dev tomorrow:

Level 3, Area 1 WIP

Heya guys, level 3, area 1 is looking nice. After your fight with the proto-raptors on the cargo ship, you end up on a beach. Now im sort of re-creating the beach scene in JE1, and the bad boys of that area was the OviRaptors. So once done, this area will be a blast to play, lol.

OviRaptors are bigger than the normal velociraptor, and adorned colorful feathers. But…OviRaptors were even more of a pack-hunter than velociraptor, tighter formation and co-ordination. You WILL have more than 1 on you. SS with only rock walls and kapok trees, should be done by weekend:

S2A4 Finished

Scene 2 area 4 is done, its a woodland area, and a boss area. Just need to adjust dmg/health/ammo ratios to the carnosaurs. Also done in area3 was added Aquas in, added undewater caustics, wet lenz, etc. We are now at the end of scene 2, and we are still at 70+ FPS. Heres the latest info on area 4:

  • Created terrain, added in, gound textures, grass, rocks, and rock walls.
  • Added dead trees, conifer trees, and ferns.
  • Carnotaurs added, set up AI, and adjust animations.
  • Added pick up crate, health and ammo pickups.

The area itself turned out nice, still some tweaking/adjusting to do. What i like about scene dev in JE, is the addition of planes, boats, ships, subs, etc. It gives the player something to investigate, some fun, and you shall be rewarded. Additional/hidden weapons are almost ready 


 Ill give you a hint… have you ever wanted to melee down a dino, instead of shoot it?… yes melee weapons are being added. Heres the area 4 video:

S2A3 Final

The weekend is in full swing. Scene 2, area 3 is done. Only thing left is underwater effects/caustics. Heres the updates to the area:

  • Sand texture added to water ways.
  • Final foliage finished (palms and ferns).
  • Added Aquas2 waterplane (adjusted).
  • Tail animator added to baryonyx.
  • Xenacanth (early shark) added in.
  • Baryonyx turn animation adjustments.
  • Final item crate added in.
  • Ratio for dmg, ammo, health, and dino, adjusted.

The baryonyx have givin me the same probs as in JE1. They look great, etc. but setting them up in EmeraldAI has been a chore. Its like they fight me, lol. Heres a short vid to show Gastornis (flightless bird), Plesiosaur, and Baryonyx:

S2A3 WIP 2

Scene 2 Area 3 is looking real good. Hope i can remember all the work done, lol. Here the changes:
– Added Baryonyx (x2), one on each side of the river (that you have to cross).
– Added Plesiosaur to lake.
– Added in all foliage to the entrance (see video).
– Added galleon ship.
– All EmeraldAI set ups done.
All foliage for the whole area will be done by end of week. Still have to add 3 more species. Boss of this scene will be the Carnotaurus (x2). That will be the next/last area of scene 2. Heres the finished entrance (WIP) to the area:


Started work on the 3rd area today, got alot done. Compared to the rest of the areas, this is a big one, you will have multiple encounters here (5 species). The assault rifle is the new ammo for the area. Heres a teaser SS (WIP) of the area (foliage going in as we speak):

S2 A1+2

Scene 2 area 1 (swamp) is finished. The compy cave is almost done, its a cave, not much in caves. Will be complete begining of this week. Here the changes:
– Blood particles adjusted.
– Carcass bones added to all areas that have carnivores.
– Added in dino eggs/nests, for the dinos.
– Corrected prob with particle effects not working with EmeraldAI.

This week ill be working on the 3rd area. It has a lake, a few rivers, maybe a waterfall, etc. Plesiosaurus will be in the lake, Xenacanthus (prehistoric shark) in lake and rivers, and Baryonyx the fish eating lizard by rivers. Heres a vid of current progress (NOTE: im “untagged” so i can run around freely):

Cave Area WIP

Sup guys, wanted to show the progress made on the cave area. I got it roughed out last night, and tonight i started adding in props (rocks, grass, etc.), the area will be done by the weekend. Ive decided to add Compy’s here, and quite a few of them. Heres a vid of the WIP:

Scene 2, area 2

Now that the swamp is done, moving on to area 2, heres a SS of the cave entrance, on the far side of the swamp. Just started the entrance, the cave itself will have Compy’s and maybe gastornis (the flightless bird):

Think im more excited for the 3rd area: will have a lake and a few rivers, will have the Plesiosaur and baryonyx, and a few surprises 🙂


Scene 2 Area 1 is about done, aside from some tweaks. The swamp has 2 sarcosuchus, and i finally got the ground fog look i was shooting for. I now have a solid workflow, and a consistancy across all scenes. This area only took 2 days or less to fully dev. Heres the eye candy: