Update, UI/Graphics

Wanted to update, lots of bugs fixed with EMM. Found out the integration of EMM with UFPS was causing probs (weapon wheel), with the pause menu. I understand the probs pause menus can have (cursorLock issues, etc.), and not everyone codes the same way, and have to check API alot.

  • Sorry guys, the weapon wheel is out, at least for now, till i figure out that code mess, lol.
  • Alot of icons (HUD, UI), are now colored.
  • Dont mind the mess (WIP), resizing of fonts, containers, and alignment is being done as we speak.
  • Graphics boost! Most base textures currently are 512 – 1024. All texture resolution will be boosted, 1024 – 2048. Again in-process.
  • Post processing will be adjusted (forward rendering). Currently using: Ambient Occlusion, Auto Exposure, AA, and Color Grading. Has worked out nicely.

Heres a vid where you can see you can run fast anywhere, without any lag/bottle necks, etc.:

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