Alpha Demo Coming!

Got some great news! Ive decided to take the 1st level/scene (4 areas) and use it for a Alpha Demo! (im sure youll all pick it apart and let me have it, lol). It should be ready this weekend, theres a bit more work, and i need to set up a download server account.

Heres some info on the alpha demo and what to expect/not expect:

  • Currently running at 80 – 90 FPS (forward rendering).
  • PPE added (Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, vignette, FXAA).
  • Using heavily modified version of Easy Main Menu (loading screen, main menu, pause menu).
  • EMM/UFPS integration is there (weapon wheel), but NOT implimented yet.
  • LODS adjusted, hardly any poping, needs fine tune.
  • You start out with a knife and gain weapons along the way.
  • Every area has an Items Crate (health, weapons, ammo, etc.).
  • More dinos are being added to areas.
  • Health-to-damage adjusted.
  • All images updated to the new version of JE (loading screen, BGs, etc.).
  • Major work to GUI: options/settings dont work (as i have to integrate Save System for UFPS and decide what options/settings ill use in final version.
  • Attack speed, range, and stopping distance of dinos adjusted (EmeraldAI).
  • (known issue/bug): pause menu up when game loads (press ESC x2 to correct till fixed).
  • (known issue/bug): pause menu options not working/set up.
  • (known issue/bug): looking down at a certain angle with the controller causes “stutter”, (keep weapon/arm level or higher to correct till fixed).

See you guys this weekend, more info to follow, ill keep you up to date when i can 🙂
Alpha footage, enjoy:

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