2nd Encounter Area

Heres the new area with all foliage, ground textures, etc. (adding in dead trees as we speak). A few things to note: the LODS have to be adjusted (you can see transitions), and the dinos havent been added yet, but will be tomorrow night. The next area will be the final area of the 1st scene.

This scene has 4 areas (start, 1st encounter, 2nd encounter, and 3rd encounter/time storm). Each scene will have a different number of areas, depending on story line. Havent decided yet on deferred or forward rendering yet (currently forward). Heres the vid of the 2nd encounter area, note: impact and fall death is now implimented. At the end of the vid youll see. Also if anyone can climb over the rock wall formations, you also die, lol.

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