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Ultimate FPS Test

Happy to report, i imported Ultimate FPS v2.1.10, set everything up, added PPE, blam! No errors, warnings, script probs, at all….went perfect.

Got layer and input set up, added in soldier model, working great. Currently working on inventory/weapons/camera effects/etc., the IK system is very good. EmeraldAI integration will be next, which will be this weekends work, with a video to follow 🙂

Final 3rd person Test

Heres Invectors Third Person Controller-Shooter Template v2.5.0 in action. I havent set up invector to EAI integration, just set up/modded the controller and took it for a spin. For a 3rd person controller, not bad at all. Cant wait to get the v2.0 UFPS in, from looking at the docs, its a very entailed controller with alot of function/options/add-ons. Code well documented, by looking through the opsive forums, looks like support is great. Onto the vid:

One thing is for sure, my next game will be a 3rd person melee, heres why…I think any shooter should be 1st person, and thats the view of that type weapon. 3rd person is best with melee, again, that the view of that type weapon. Just a rule i personally like to follow if posible 🙂

Controller Tests

Hope everyone is having fun with the alpha demo, i play it alot myself. Remember its alpha and alot will be fixed/changed. Tonight ive added palm trees and climbing ivy, looking nice. I feel a 3rd person controller would better fit JE, (do tell if you dont agree).

Been playing around with Invector’s 3rd person controller, not bad, out of the 8-10 models ive set up most have weapon bone/offset probs. Ill be testing out Opsive’s (UFPS) 3rd person controller, before i decide on which 3rd person controller will be used in final release.

Heres Invector controller, i do like the motion animation:

Alpha Demo

Wasnt going to do this, but here it goes…Heres the Alpha Demo in current state (WIP). A few things to note:

  • To exit on the pause menu, just click “main menu” (with the mouse) and hit Enter (on the keyboard) with it, then use keyboard (arrows) to select quit.
  • If you look down at a certain level, it stutters, keep weapon view level.

These bugs are currently being worked on. Im also entertaining the idea of converting to HDRP, and a 3rd person controller. More info to follow.…d208/jurassic_extinction_-_alpha_demo.7z.html

Alpha Update

Weekend is almost here, tonights work went fantastic on the alpha demo 🙂

  • Post processing effects implimented: Ambient Occlution, Auto Exposure, Color Grading, Depth Of Field, Sun Shafts, and Motion Blur.
  • All texture resolutions increased (foliage, rocks, environment).
  • All dino textures are now 4096, (brought out alot of detail).

With the texture resolution increase/new additions, im amazed that we are still way over 70 FPS, with forward redering, and added PPEs. Next addition is climbing ivy vines, and palm trees. Im also testing to see if i need to increase dmg from player-to-dino/dino-to-player.

Side note to inspiring devs, ALWAYS use the basic colliders (cone, cylinder, box, sphere) on “in scene objects”. As mesh colliders are bad, avoid using them at all costs. And dont forget about mesh polygon reduction, and PLEASE, when you use mesh poly reduction methods, TEST your models/objects after, to make sure your not reducing too much to effect visual quality. Some eye candy:

Update, UI/Graphics

Wanted to update, lots of bugs fixed with EMM. Found out the integration of EMM with UFPS was causing probs (weapon wheel), with the pause menu. I understand the probs pause menus can have (cursorLock issues, etc.), and not everyone codes the same way, and have to check API alot.

  • Sorry guys, the weapon wheel is out, at least for now, till i figure out that code mess, lol.
  • Alot of icons (HUD, UI), are now colored.
  • Dont mind the mess (WIP), resizing of fonts, containers, and alignment is being done as we speak.
  • Graphics boost! Most base textures currently are 512 – 1024. All texture resolution will be boosted, 1024 – 2048. Again in-process.
  • Post processing will be adjusted (forward rendering). Currently using: Ambient Occlusion, Auto Exposure, AA, and Color Grading. Has worked out nicely.

Heres a vid where you can see you can run fast anywhere, without any lag/bottle necks, etc.:

Alpha Demo

Alpha demo is shaping up, the last 5 hours produced alot of good results:

-When or if you die, your current weapon drops, so you can retrieve it (finish the job).
-Updated UFPS arms and weapon textures (GPU instanced).
-Attack distance increased for all dinos. (dont let the dilo or raptors get off their “2 foot jumping attack”, does good dmg).
-UI work continues, lots of custom work, Examples: health icon now red (was white) as it should be., different colors for different ammo. Weapon wheel icon for handgun had silencer, um….no, and knife slot shows a machete, again, um…
-Wind effect on plants, now adjusted.

Trying to get as much done as possible, remember, PC ONLY build (keyboard/mouse), no plans for x-box/playstation support, unless enough feedback warrents it.

Alpha Demo Coming!

Got some great news! Ive decided to take the 1st level/scene (4 areas) and use it for a Alpha Demo! (im sure youll all pick it apart and let me have it, lol). It should be ready this weekend, theres a bit more work, and i need to set up a download server account.

Heres some info on the alpha demo and what to expect/not expect:

  • Currently running at 80 – 90 FPS (forward rendering).
  • PPE added (Bloom, Ambient Occlusion, vignette, FXAA).
  • Using heavily modified version of Easy Main Menu (loading screen, main menu, pause menu).
  • EMM/UFPS integration is there (weapon wheel), but NOT implimented yet.
  • LODS adjusted, hardly any poping, needs fine tune.
  • You start out with a knife and gain weapons along the way.
  • Every area has an Items Crate (health, weapons, ammo, etc.).
  • More dinos are being added to areas.
  • Health-to-damage adjusted.
  • All images updated to the new version of JE (loading screen, BGs, etc.).
  • Major work to GUI: options/settings dont work (as i have to integrate Save System for UFPS and decide what options/settings ill use in final version.
  • Attack speed, range, and stopping distance of dinos adjusted (EmeraldAI).
  • (known issue/bug): pause menu up when game loads (press ESC x2 to correct till fixed).
  • (known issue/bug): pause menu options not working/set up.
  • (known issue/bug): looking down at a certain angle with the controller causes “stutter”, (keep weapon/arm level or higher to correct till fixed).

See you guys this weekend, more info to follow, ill keep you up to date when i can 🙂
Alpha footage, enjoy:


Now that the 1st level/scene is done, onto the next 


 Started work on the next encounter area, and this will be a swamp type. If you look at the beastiary youll see theres at least 4 species that are swamp/water types, and they will be in this scene (sarcosuchus, baryonx, xenacanthus, and plesiosaur).

Was also thinking of adding in grenades, not to kill dinos with, but to blast down a rock wall, etc. Ill be posting a video once the area is closer to done, building the main swamp area now 


On a great sidenote: by deving the scenes/levels the way i am, performance is no longer an issue, so far anywhere on the map is 80 – 90 fps:

Final Area Update

Like shotguns?. Its the new weapon, and your going to need it. Also note the dead body of your flight crew member (Omar Khoury, the money of the operation). Remember the Beastiary? know your species. The boss of the final area is the Triceratops, large, alot of HP, and hits hard (only when provoked):