Happy Holidays!

Sorry for late update, with christmas and all, RL has been demanding, lol. Let me say…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or what ever you celebrate… 🙂

Theres been a few changes. Default rendering is now Deferred (i know, no AA, etc., dont worry i got it covered). In convos with other devs (not from Unity) alot are going that route, so wanted to try it out. Also quite a few big game studios lately are going deferred rendering. Lets see what i can do with it.

This vid i just shot, its with deferred rendering and adjustments to that path (as not everything works with deferred, specially shadow support/PPE). I noticed a FPS boost (to be expected) due to lower draw calls. Been working on particle effects, and dinos, so watching to see how it works:

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