Monthly Archives: December 2019

1st Encounter…

1st encounter on the island footage, with new UI changes: studio logo updated, splash screen updated with blood spatter, etc. Using forward rendering on UI (loading screen/main menu), as its a seperate scene.

Revised GUI

Hey guys, heres the most recent video of work on the UI. Menu is set up nicely, just have to add the functions/calls. Next i need to get a “theme” type music for the game:


Sorry for the late update, been having fun, lol. Been working on the GUI while working on dinos. Tech details: using a modified version of EMM (Easy Main Menu).

Its going to be a bit before i can optimize the menu. Im also adding in a on-screen invintory/weapon wheel. So once they are all added, ill optimize:

Food For Thought

This is the best render of a bigfoot/sasquatch, i have ever seen. In this line of work, i see alot of media, but this is Spot-on. They (if real) are a adapted to their environment/decendant (evolutionary-wise), of Gigantopithecus Blacki (10 foot tall ape).

Every discovery in genetics or etc., comes back as “inbetween human and ape”. Again fits the theory of an adapted gigantopithecus type line. Look at mankind, neanderthal, cromo-erectus, and homo-sapien lines. So another related species wont adapt/change with its environment too?.

We all know basicly what an existing/real bigfoot would be (in the evolutionaty aspect of proven science). One name resonates…Gigantopithecus Blacki. If he is real…god help us 🙂

Still Grinding

Been working so much, forgot to post an update, lol.

  • Added deadly fish Xenacanthus.
  • Blood particle effects finished on all dinos.
  • Steg to only attack when provoked.

Currently working on UI, better video/SS quality, logo’s etc. Back-end stuff that takes time. Xenacanthus (early shark), doesnt want to behave with EAI, so will be a bit before they are completely set up. Video/SS to follow this weekend.

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for late update, with christmas and all, RL has been demanding, lol. Let me say…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or what ever you celebrate… 🙂

Theres been a few changes. Default rendering is now Deferred (i know, no AA, etc., dont worry i got it covered). In convos with other devs (not from Unity) alot are going that route, so wanted to try it out. Also quite a few big game studios lately are going deferred rendering. Lets see what i can do with it.

This vid i just shot, its with deferred rendering and adjustments to that path (as not everything works with deferred, specially shadow support/PPE). I noticed a FPS boost (to be expected) due to lower draw calls. Been working on particle effects, and dinos, so watching to see how it works:


This is my .rtf of the beastiary which will be in the Game Menu, and User Manual (which is included with the game).

Dino Updates!

Ive been having too much fun lately, lol. The updates on the dinos is great, the way they act and the sounds they make, has worked out nice. Will only get even better as “hit” animations need to be added. The following video shows the new audio, and the “low health” fleeing effect, and slower death animation. Heres the update for tonight (courtasy of EmeraldAI):

-Death animation speed decreased on all dinos.
-Attack speed adjusted, per dino.
-Run Attack animations added, per dino.
-Attack biting sounds added.
-Flee on low health, set up for all dinos (set at 20%).

Controller Audio

Heya guys, well done alot of work tonight on the UFPS controller, wanted to show the progress. Got audio in and assigned by surfaces, ill be adjusting the actual volumes once i get them all in. Controller still needs more optimization and set up, but getting there:

Work Continues

Got alot done today, almost done optimization. Currently working on LOD transitions and squashing bugs, heres whats new:

-Problem with dinos tails still waving/moving after death, now fixed.
-UFPS arms and weapons textures/materials adjusted for more realistic look.
-Shut off billboard on all grass.
-Fixed problem with UFPS weapons “look down” stuttering.
-Optimzation: at worst spot, now at 51 FPS @ 18ms, all other areas around 55-60.
-Fish added to fallen tree bridge area.

Will have to work on the UFPS controller soon, as its not optimized or fully set up, and found a stuttering prob with it that wasnt gfx/rendering. Heres a shot of todays work: