Heya guys, some exciting news! I have a few minutes before heading out, but wanted to share the update. I have found the problem with low FPS/performance.

It was only happening if the player faced NW, no matter where you were on the island. So i narrowed it down by selectivly deleting objects (i have 3 versions of the game set up). As soon as i deleted the operations center, observation towers, and related props, my FPS shot up dramaticly (60-70 FPS) looking to the NW.

The culprits are ALL models i got from Sketchfab (the only ones). Even though i decreased tris/polys on them (static), made no difference. I tested/found errors in geometry with all models from Sketchfab. So what does this mean for the project?

JE is back on track, and will be even better! (have some great ideas), no real time set-back, the only thing that will really change is the story line. As now there wont be any humans on the island, a pure living dino environment. I will still need to do some optimization on the environment, but its looking great and performing nice!

I should be back to work by tomorrow night/sunday, and will have a update with said changes 🙂

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