Update Continued…

I cant tell you how perfect things have worked out, im so glad i removed the problematic models, guards, towers, operations center and shipyard:
-New story line and senario.
-Performance has increased alot.
-“Cutting” off some of the terrain in areas not used.
-Giant snake’s new home is where the operations center used to be, perfect for him.
-Exit/ending area is now on NW side of island.

What the above changes mean is, i will now have alot of performance overhead room to add in more features PPE, new mini map, etc., without much performance loss at all. With this done theres less terrain, less foliage/trees/textures, etc., so performance will get even better. I have alot of work to get done tonight, but heres a SS of giant snake’s new home, havent dressed it up yet, should be done tonight:

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