Big Update

Heres tonights update, more on the player side:

-Setting/adjusting the damage and speed of the animation/attack of dinos.
-Adjusted the HP of the dinos to the damage recieved ratio.
-Players will have a pistol and a shotgun to start with (set up).
-Set up additional guns, health packs, and ammo at pick-up boxes. (on the 2nd floor of observation towers).
-Has anyone else noticed? (in most of the videos), the arms/hands for the UFPS controller dont look right. They look like a manequin/doll, lol. Ill add that to the to-do list.

A side note: players have to be wise with ammo (you also have a knife). Not all dinos will attack on sight/detection unless you shoot/attack 1st. The dinos are being set up as close to what would be realistic (scientificlly/current knowledge). Your environment can help, look for rocks, trees, etc. for safespots.

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