Weekend Update

Sorry for the late update (the weekend from hell, lol). Heres the update info:

-80% of the tree/foliage re-scale is done, and looking awesome, has a different atmosphere/”feel” now.
-Pick-up items added (med packs, weapons, ammo) to the crates in the towers and operations center.
-Fog and water adjustments.
-Changed: Environment Lighting/Source/ to Gradient, as it adds a bit of depth to light and shadows. Temporary as next phase im using Aura2 for lighting 🙂

Tried setting the Rendering “Color Space” (default is Gamma), to Linear (which is supposed to help/improve with the rendering), but when i use it, of course, now effects my fog (now linear fog, lol). By the time i re-adjust the fog, the rest of the scene doesnt look so good. But will be fixed with Aura2 or any good lighting system, as im keeping systems seperate (lighting, clouds, water, and fog) for control reasons. Heres a shot of the Steg area done over:

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