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Update Continued…

I cant tell you how perfect things have worked out, im so glad i removed the problematic models, guards, towers, operations center and shipyard:
-New story line and senario.
-Performance has increased alot.
-“Cutting” off some of the terrain in areas not used.
-Giant snake’s new home is where the operations center used to be, perfect for him.
-Exit/ending area is now on NW side of island.

What the above changes mean is, i will now have alot of performance overhead room to add in more features PPE, new mini map, etc., without much performance loss at all. With this done theres less terrain, less foliage/trees/textures, etc., so performance will get even better. I have alot of work to get done tonight, but heres a SS of giant snake’s new home, havent dressed it up yet, should be done tonight:


Heya guys, some exciting news! I have a few minutes before heading out, but wanted to share the update. I have found the problem with low FPS/performance.

It was only happening if the player faced NW, no matter where you were on the island. So i narrowed it down by selectivly deleting objects (i have 3 versions of the game set up). As soon as i deleted the operations center, observation towers, and related props, my FPS shot up dramaticly (60-70 FPS) looking to the NW.

The culprits are ALL models i got from Sketchfab (the only ones). Even though i decreased tris/polys on them (static), made no difference. I tested/found errors in geometry with all models from Sketchfab. So what does this mean for the project?

JE is back on track, and will be even better! (have some great ideas), no real time set-back, the only thing that will really change is the story line. As now there wont be any humans on the island, a pure living dino environment. I will still need to do some optimization on the environment, but its looking great and performing nice!

I should be back to work by tomorrow night/sunday, and will have a update with said changes 🙂

Big Update

Heres tonights update, more on the player side:

-Setting/adjusting the damage and speed of the animation/attack of dinos.
-Adjusted the HP of the dinos to the damage recieved ratio.
-Players will have a pistol and a shotgun to start with (set up).
-Set up additional guns, health packs, and ammo at pick-up boxes. (on the 2nd floor of observation towers).
-Has anyone else noticed? (in most of the videos), the arms/hands for the UFPS controller dont look right. They look like a manequin/doll, lol. Ill add that to the to-do list.

A side note: players have to be wise with ammo (you also have a knife). Not all dinos will attack on sight/detection unless you shoot/attack 1st. The dinos are being set up as close to what would be realistic (scientificlly/current knowledge). Your environment can help, look for rocks, trees, etc. for safespots.

MiniMap Added

Tonights work was great! Alot done, cant remember it all, lol:
-Mipmaps implimented.
-Texture adjustment (base), as unity sets its default to 2048, now scaled (some textures are now 1024).
-MiniMap added, still needs adjustment, but working good. Also UFPS GUI needs work, health and ammo boxes, color/position, etc.

Steg Area

Wanted to show the current scene with lots of changes:

-Fog that rolls off the surface of water adjusted.
-All dinos have been texture adjusted (custom work like tougue, teeth, horns, sharpening for detail), waypoints and animations adjusted.
-Sunshafts scaled back.
-Some dino textures were marked as “use crunch compression”, not good, Fixed.

New Dino Re-Work

I had to get back to work on the dinos, its been on my mind alot, as they need alot of work. After all, theyre the stars of the show 🙂 Tonight i worked on the Plesiosaur:

-Full re-texture, including, mouth, tongue, teeth, and full body.
-Full re-work of animation. The flipper-to body animation/speed ratio, idle and movement animation speed/type adjusted.
-Re-work of Waypoints. Heres a SS of the new texture re-do:

And heres a video, note the changes, its neck flexes on turns, etc. Love the way it came out:

Update Video PPE And FXAA

Update vid with, PPE, FXAA, and audio adjustments to dinos, looking damn good!

Sun Shafts

Alot of work done tonight:
-Sun shafts added.
-1st round of audio/sound done.
-Fog added back in and adjusted.
This coming week will be mostly audio and PPE. Heres a short vid of whats new:

Post Processing Effects

Spent tonight adding in post processing effects. Right now ive added Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, and Motion Blur. Looks good, but i notice if i enable my fog (distance/height fog) it kinda kills the ambient occlusion to a degree. I have 3 choices:

-Dont add fog
-Use a ground fog
-Use the fog in Aura2 once added in (my lighting solution).

This video is PPE without fog enabled, ill do some testing to see what im going to do with fog, it kinda looks better without it, ive also adjusted shadows a bit, looks alot better:

Future Of Enigmatic Games

Exciting news…before i decided to use Unity as my main game engine for indie dev, i was a Dev involved in server emulation, for projects like MagicBane, a Shadowbane (Ubisoft title with great success) and Darkfall, server emulators.

Ive been in talks with some of the team from MagicBane, and they are ready for a new game, a new direction. Now…Unity and its Unet/Mirror networking code (most importantly, backend) to me is far better than the other option (UE4), not to mention the system requirements. I know what your all thinking “thats alot to take on, forget it”, but remember, this project will have a team, not doing this alone. I have a team willing to join the project, great devs with experience in C++/C# and networking code.

Now..Jurassic Extinction is my baby, and is priority, they understand that until JE goes into release, i wont be starting anything up. But i can tell you..a heavily modified version of uMMORPG will be my base. By the time JE is released (im only 6 months in) uMMORPG will be developed enough to use as a base. The game will be a cross between shadowbane and darkfall. This is just to fill you in on what Enigmatic Games future may be.