Daily Archives: October 5, 2019


Got alot done in just a few hours 🙂

-All LOD’s are now 100% done (complete, accept for additions).
-All materials gpu instanced, now 100% done (complete, accept for additions).
-Set up base (EmeraldAI) enemy detection radius for all dinos, and soldiers.
-Sarcosuchus now has new custom tecture (fixing the tounge as we speak), and tail animations done.

I love seeing the word “complete” in updates now, as systems/setttings are being finished. Starting to set up combat AI and animations, so combat/FPS controller (UFPS) is going to be the next big update coming. Check out the new babies:

New Species Added!

New species added…Sarcosuchus. Ill set up textures, tail animation and better AI. There will also be yet another new species added this weekend. Thing is i dont want pure herbavores that dont attack, takes away fun for the player, so 2 species are being replaced with..lets say “more teeth”. I have big plans for these guys. Heres a vid of them, and they aint small, lol: