Monthly Archives: September 2019

New Promo Video

Alot done tonight, dino animations, planting, guards in all towers,etc. And heres the promo video i threw together (WIP), “spared no expence”, lol:

New Look

Busy weekend, but shaping up nicely:-Fog added.
-Ambient Sounds added.
-75% of all foliage/plants done (only 2 areas left).
-Non-Combat animation tweaks to dinos.
Starting to get the look i was aiming for 🙂

Ride In

This will be your ride to the island 🙂

Higher Grass And Plants

All the higher level grass has been added (and color adjusted). Also plants are now being added, and its looking great!

Final Logo Finished

Final logo is done, looks great and fits perfect:

Grass Update

Look at who got their “long grass” today:

New T-Rex Re-texture and Update

So much has been done in the last 48 hours its crazy, lol:

-All dinos are re-textured.
-All trees for the whole island are now finished!.
-Trees have been re-textured (including Atlas/Billboard).
-T-Rex and Spinosaurus areas now done (except grass and plants).
-Giant Snake area modified and finished.
-Observation Towers re-textured.
-All textures GPU Instanced,finished.

Now heres a vid of the new t-rex re-texture and their new area:

T-Rex Area

Before i can start on grass, plants, etc. i have to finish the last 2 places left on the island…t-rex and spino areas. Heres a shot of the t-rex playground:

Re-Texturing Process Started

Yes its that time, so ive just started the re-texturing process with great results. This is Dimetrodon’s new skin:

Volumetric Clouds!

Volumetric clouds added in tonight, still needs some “tweaking”, but looking good, next will be lighting/fog: