Break through in Coding/Systems!

Break through in coding/systems tonight, im so happy! I will be using EmeraldAI v2.2 for the dinos and enemies AI, and UFPS v1.7.5 for fps actions/systems, and they integrate together nicely. (dmg can be taken and delivered by both player and enemies). UFPS is a real top of the line controller, loving it.

Some modifications had to be done to EmeraldAI, but the animations all work with the dinos, and are set (EmeraldAI DOES NOT like Legacy animations, lol). I got the Para’s animations set up tonight, ill probably set up a few more before i crash.

Once those systems are integrated and all dinos animated/AI, then i can get back to assets, and terrain. The observation towers will be 1st, then finish the operations center.

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