Had alot of good conversations with Unity community members, ideas are flowing. The project is progressing fast, and there are many surprises that i will not show. But i find myself trying to keep up with the workflow, which isnt a bad thing.

At this point the “main” systems/scripting are now in-place!. This is a breakthrough for development. As i can now see and implement faster and i “see the light at the end of the tunnel”, per-say. Performance (so far) is spot on, with much more to add like, volumetric clouds, fog, post processing effects, particle effects, this is all working out very well.

I will post updates as much as possible, but lately i find dev time is more demanding/needed than anything else. Its so satisfying to see a project really coming together/alive that i sometimes loose myself, lol. Big thnx to you all for the support and ideas, you all rock!

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