2 More Species Added

2 new species added tonight, Dilophosaurus and Parasaur. These models will be updated/changed, let me explain. All of you have seen jurassic park movies, but what most dont know is thats NOT what they really looked like. Dinos in the jurassic period were more bird-like, even the name Raptor means Bird-Of-Prey. My game is not jurassic park, and im going to go with the more scientific “real” approach, so the game will have Realistic dinosaurs. The Dilophosaur did NOT have a frill around his neck and spit poison, thats made up. And most current scientific data suggests that most dinos adorned feathers, so this adds a great “flavor” to the game. Ahh, someone noticed…yes i have “lowered” the grass height, it creates a “scattered” effect, some spots no grass, etc.


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