Big Update And Working Title!

Ive decided that instead of a private release of this project, ill be stripping away all JP
references (due to IP) and going for a public release game. Im currently taking some Unity
Courses for the next few nights, (sorry for late update), so ill post the game
info/story/title now, and will update frequently on website and here as time allows:
In jurassic park someone was trying to buy dino embryos/dna, in jurassic world fallen
kingdom, some dinosaurs were sold off and trucked out of the lockwood estate. There is a
multi-billionaire behind these events, with the sole purpose of creating his own dino
sanctuary, and has now done so. His name is Omar Khorey. Omar bought an island called Isla
Pinta, west of ecuador.
You, a para military soldier, have been givin the task of recovering any embryos/dna
possible from the operations center in the north west of the island, and kill as many
dinsaurs as possible by any means necessary. You will be flown in to the drop off point on
the southwest part of the island.
There are NO FENCES, NO PERSONEL to aid you. You will have ample weapons and etc. on you,
you will scavenge other weapons from Omars military you kill, or find in buildings, etc.
Once the mission is complete, to leave the island, you must board the ship at the NE
dock…. or radio us if possible…thats IF you survive… welcome to Jurassic Extinction!

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