Area 3 Update

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Spent a few hours working on area 3, really like how its developing. Heres the update for tonight: Wood texture on bridge wood, planks, and posts added. New species of prehistoric tree added, the Jatoba Tree, they are thinner, and taller than the kapok trees. Finished all rock walls (2 stages). Started top level trees. […]

Protoraptor Fight

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Some good news, ive switched the blood particle effect. Im now using UFPS’s surface identifier system. Looks alot more realistic. Ive been working on the protoraptors alot, they seem and act good. Oviraptors in the beach area are done accept for setting dmg up. Heres some alpha footage of the protoraptor fight i had earlier […]

Deep Thoughts

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I really want to take a few minutes and reflect on JE in its current v2, and the previous v1. JE started out as a “JP Fan” based game. (non-commercial, due to IP, etc.). It was great, large open world survival. After a couple weeks of proto-typing, i saw the real potential in the idea/vision. […]

Oviraptor Beach

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Ive pretty much finished the beach area, and ive added the Oviraptors, they looking great and performing nicely. Important note about this level and coming levels. The dinos (certain species, like raptors) now can hide, they dont wander, they are stationary, you might hear them, but you wont see them till its too late. Wont […]

ProtoRaptor Video

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Had time to shoot a vid of the Protoraptors earlier today, WIP but they are working out great. Theres 6 on the deck. Im working on the beach right now, and ive expanded it a bit more, looking nice. Heres the proto’s:

New Addition To JE

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Before i start the weekends dev work, i wanted to share some info on JE’s latest addition…the ProtoRaptor. In the attached SS below, you will see on the left, a correct scaled velociraptor. Velociraptors were only the size of a modern day turkey. Not what you see in jurassic park. I gave the raptors a […]

Level 3, Area 1 WIP

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Heya guys, level 3, area 1 is looking nice. After your fight with the proto-raptors on the cargo ship, you end up on a beach. Now im sort of re-creating the beach scene in JE1, and the bad boys of that area was the OviRaptors. So once done, this area will be a blast to […]

S2A4 Finished

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Scene 2 area 4 is done, its a woodland area, and a boss area. Just need to adjust dmg/health/ammo ratios to the carnosaurs. Also done in area3 was added Aquas in, added undewater caustics, wet lenz, etc. We are now at the end of scene 2, and we are still at 70+ FPS. Heres the […]

S2A3 Final

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The weekend is in full swing. Scene 2, area 3 is done. Only thing left is underwater effects/caustics. Heres the updates to the area: Sand texture added to water ways. Final foliage finished (palms and ferns). Added Aquas2 waterplane (adjusted). Tail animator added to baryonyx. Xenacanth (early shark) added in. Baryonyx turn animation adjustments. Final […]

S2A3 WIP 2

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Scene 2 Area 3 is looking real good. Hope i can remember all the work done, lol. Here the changes:– Added Baryonyx (x2), one on each side of the river (that you have to cross). – Added Plesiosaur to lake. – Added in all foliage to the entrance (see video). – Added galleon ship. – […]