2nd Scene Update

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Heya guys, got some exciting news!. Finished scene 1 (which is also the Alpha Demo), and started on scene 2 (area 1). Its looking really good, very good vibe from this area. Heres the update/video for the big croc (sarcosuchus) area:

Pre-weekend update

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Pre-weekend update. Figured id show a teaser pic of the swamp area to come. Heres the changes: Ground textures set down. Kapok tress added in and scaled. Adjusted water, looking nice, the level is just right, will color it later. I love how the area is coming out, looks great, and the detail as a […]

2nd Scene, Area 1

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Wanted to show tonights work, a look into the dev process. In the video youll see the 2nd scene, area 1. Just started putting rocks in, nice swamp area, low water level (need to color the water next), going to look great once done, in-dev video:

Alpha Update 2

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Heres a short vid to show the new changes. Controller is working great, i need to adjust the Jump, doesnt really show, looks like i tripped, lol. Dinos are working great too, do have to adjust their “attack distance” just a bit more (drawing them closer), as a few peeps said they were attacked out […]

Alpha Demo Update

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Heya guys, after correcting all the probs with the controller, i decided i wanted to do some scene work and fix a few probs at the same time: Colliders fixed on rocks. Controller “stutter” and head bob problems fixed. Crouch no longer sticks. Removed motion blur. Palm trees and more foliage added. Still have climbing […]

Ultimate FPS Test

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Happy to report, i imported Ultimate FPS v2.1.10, set everything up, added PPE, blam! No errors, warnings, script probs, at all….went perfect. Got layer and input set up, added in soldier model, working great. Currently working on inventory/weapons/camera effects/etc., the IK system is very good. EmeraldAI integration will be next, which will be this weekends […]

Final 3rd person Test

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Heres Invectors Third Person Controller-Shooter Template v2.5.0 in action. I havent set up invector to EAI integration, just set up/modded the controller and took it for a spin. For a 3rd person controller, not bad at all. Cant wait to get the v2.0 UFPS in, from looking at the docs, its a very entailed controller […]

Controller Tests

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Hope everyone is having fun with the alpha demo, i play it alot myself. Remember its alpha and alot will be fixed/changed. Tonight ive added palm trees and climbing ivy, looking nice. I feel a 3rd person controller would better fit JE, (do tell if you dont agree). Been playing around with Invector’s 3rd person […]

Alpha Demo

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Wasnt going to do this, but here it goes…Heres the Alpha Demo in current state (WIP). A few things to note: To exit on the pause menu, just click “main menu” (with the mouse) and hit Enter (on the keyboard) with it, then use keyboard (arrows) to select quit. If you look down at a […]

Alpha Update

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Weekend is almost here, tonights work went fantastic on the alpha demo 🙂 Post processing effects implimented: Ambient Occlution, Auto Exposure, Color Grading, Depth Of Field, Sun Shafts, and Motion Blur. All texture resolutions increased (foliage, rocks, environment). All dino textures are now 4096, (brought out alot of detail). With the texture resolution increase/new additions, […]