L2 Foliage

Did alot of work on level 2, looking good and performing great (90 FPS). Not much left to do, add dinos AI, adjust them, add in pickup crates, and a few props. Heres the changes:

-All foliage/plants are in.
-All trees finished.
-Cut off unused parts of the terrain.
-Removed reflections on Aquas water, was killing performance.

Tonight ill be working on the dinos, AI, adjusting textures, and getting them set up.

Inside Info

Wanted to show you, how i research dinosaur data (factual). This is one of the database websites i use for factual dino data. It has speed, size/scale, herbavore/carnivore, and habitat info. A great site πŸ™‚


Level 2 WIP 3

A nice update to level 2, performance is great, love the workflow. Next up will be dino AI πŸ™‚ Heres the latest footage:

Level 2 Escape

I added in your escape from level 2, tomorrow ill be adding palm trees and foliage:

New Forum

Ive set up the new forum (link is at top left of site), i still have to configure it, and need to set up colors. I will have it done by end of weekend, depends on how demanding dev work on JE is.


Wanted to let all inspiring game devs (that visit here) know, your not alone. Hopefully by this weekend, ill have the forums up and running. But if theres anything or any way i can help, please dont be afraid to ask questions, and no question is too stupid, we are all at different levels of knowledge.

I teach game development (Unity), as well as take lessons from a large known studio development team member (thnx mike!), and have very eager students myself (i call them sponges, cause they want to soak it all up, lol). Even the best game devs learn all the time, or your not working hard enough πŸ™‚

I will be posting here more as a priority, over the Unity JE Forum thread. This site/blog is my personal record of the dev process for Jurassic Extinction, and other projects to come. Once the forums are up, ill be giving away assets (ones that i can legally give), providing help for those in need, and hints and tips on game development.

Level 2 update

Had about 2 hours after lessons tonight, to add grass, crashed plane, and Gastornis (flightless bird). Tomorrow night will be adding tropical foliage. Cant wait to add Xenacanth (early shark) to the waters πŸ™‚

Time Frame

At the pace im currently at, level 2 will be done by this weekend, and next week will be the 3rd level, which is where i was, with the previous version (before HDRP got a hold of me, lol). Remember, JE will have 6-7 levels.

So time frame is good, and its so nice to work with all your assets pre-optimized and set up, you just get to create, develop, place, and not worryΒ πŸ™‚


New Website/Theme

Heya guys, as you can see ive added a new theme, and have been customizing it and adding content. Just added a Web Links page, and will be adding alot more, as time goes on.

I love the colors and layout of this theme, and i can do anything i want to it, so ive tailored it more towards a gaming environment. Ill be looking into Forum software/systems next πŸ™‚

Level 2 Trees

Heres level 2’s terrain with kupok trees added. Next will be grass, then on to tropical foliage. Having alot of fun deving these levels. Once again my formula is spot on, right now with trees, textures, water, controller, and clouds, its running at 132 FPS, once level is finished, we will be around 80-90 FPS: