Pteranodon Flight Animations

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Got Pteranodon flight animations started tonight, looking good, have a look:

AI In Place

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As of tonight, all the dinos are set up with animations and AI with the new AI system called EmeraldAI! I will be tweaking the AI in another phase, but basic animations are set for all dinos. Tomorrow night will be setting up my FPS system called UFPS, which is the character eveyone will be. […]

Break through in Coding/Systems!

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Break through in coding/systems tonight, im so happy! I will be using EmeraldAI v2.2 for the dinos and enemies AI, and UFPS v1.7.5 for fps actions/systems, and they integrate together nicely. (dmg can be taken and delivered by both player and enemies). UFPS is a real top of the line controller, loving it. Some modifications […]

Still Kickin!

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Ok, been coding/scripting all day, not slackin, lol. Havent had time for assets and etc. and probably will be a bit before i can get back to it, been real busy with AI and Systems. Just been really busy, and ive had meetings from another Dev/project i had to attend, on top of it, lol. […]

Lots Of Coding, New Species

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Mainly been coding alot over the last few days, but had a chance to add this guy in…


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Had alot of good conversations with Unity community members, ideas are flowing. The project is progressing fast, and there are many surprises that i will not show. But i find myself trying to keep up with the workflow, which isnt a bad thing. At this point the “main” systems/scripting are now in-place!. This is a […]

FPS System Now In Place!

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Spent tonight setting up the FPS system/scripting, and its going to work out great! This is just a “starting” video, but its now in place, no console errors, plenty of room for weapons, inventory/pick-ups, and etc. im glad for that. Next decision is either go 1st person or 3rd person 🙂


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Im going to delete images related to the previous Jurassic Park type game, and concentrate more on the current project, “free up space” per say.

Operations Center Started

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Tonight i started the interior of the operations center. Still needs alot of work (textures, placement, additions, etc.). Heres a shot of the reception desk: And these are the monitor stations: These will have screenshots from the island on all monitors when done: And the lab:

Species (AI) And Gametrail

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Alot of work done tonight, The following species are set up (AI): Compy Ankylosaur Dimetrotodon Dilophosaur Pteranodon (yes flying, diving, etc.) Oviraptor Pachycephalosaur Also got alot of the vegetation done, and the southern area is now started, heres a few shots of that area: