Time To Move Forward!

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Small update, i have 1 area left to finish (trees/plants) then the whole island will be done! (thank god, lol), was a very big phase. After tomorrow night all foliage will be done and time to continue on to the next phase: props, finish up AI, and begin game-play 🙂 I want to start setting […]

AI Work

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Alot of AI (EmeraldAI) work done tonight: Behaviors have been set up. Factions have been set up. Detection radius set up, done. Confidence levels set. This means, all dinos and NPC’s/soldiers are targeting YOU…you are the enemy!

2nd New Species

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The 2nd new addition is…Baryonyx, theres 2 in the area. They replaced the Brachys, still need work, but in game and lookin cool 🙂 Ill be working on the 2 new added species for the rest of tonight. Heres the new vid:


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Got alot done in just a few hours 🙂 -All LOD’s are now 100% done (complete, accept for additions). -All materials gpu instanced, now 100% done (complete, accept for additions). -Set up base (EmeraldAI) enemy detection radius for all dinos, and soldiers. -Sarcosuchus now has new custom tecture (fixing the tounge as we speak), and […]

New Species Added!

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New species added…Sarcosuchus. Ill set up textures, tail animation and better AI. There will also be yet another new species added this weekend. Thing is i dont want pure herbavores that dont attack, takes away fun for the player, so 2 species are being replaced with..lets say “more teeth”. I have big plans for these […]

Carnotaur Textures/Animation

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Ok guys, fixed the prob with Carnotaur’s bones/skeleton! Also re-textured them and added tail animations 🙂 Ill set their waypoints and adjust the texture tomorrow. New vid of them:

New Tail Animations!

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New tail animations are now done, they are looking great:

New Promo Video

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Alot done tonight, dino animations, planting, guards in all towers,etc. And heres the promo video i threw together (WIP), “spared no expence”, lol:

New Look

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Busy weekend, but shaping up nicely:-Fog added. -Ambient Sounds added. -75% of all foliage/plants done (only 2 areas left). -Non-Combat animation tweaks to dinos.Starting to get the look i was aiming for 🙂

Ride In

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This will be your ride to the island 🙂