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ROE Progress

Sorry, forgot to post this…This is my view for the next few days, but i love how the terrain textures (cliff/ground/rocks) blend together so well, and the hue/color is nice…

ROE Alpha Update

Heya guys, wanted to update, as big changes have been made. The biggest has been Aquas. If you use it, you better be good at optimization. After todays updates and heavy optimization of all assets, ive gone from around 27ms/35fps to what your about to see (still without SECTR). With this open-world, and its systems/workflow. Ill have no problem getting killer good performance, and can be done up to 8k terrains:

  • Aquas has been optimized (a resource hog, reflections are the worst).
  • Lighting has been updated (intensity, angle), and the color temp (tone mapping) adjusted.
  • Water color/hue adjusted, now looks real (speed and waves need adjusting).
  • Shoreline turtles are now animated and have AI.
  • Shadows have been decreased a bit (and have cascade support).
  • All textures (minus decals and terrain) have mipmap support, and are static batched.

ROE Test

I did a test with SECTR today. I created a 2048×2048 terrain with Gaia, and loaded it up with trees, grass, rocks, etc., play tested, was getting 50-60 fps (which is where i am now with ROE). I then chunked the terrain with SECTR (4×4 grid), and tested to make sure everything is working. Heres the results (crazy good):

ROE Update

Had a chance tonight after working on JE’s final scene, to finish off the top of mountain #2 (rocks and trees), and rough out the newly added swamp…

2nd Demo Info

After playing all the levels (a few times), ive decided level 6 will be the final demo. Its a night time setting, and its raining. Youll encounter pachy, compy, and giant snake. Im currently finishing up work on the ending scene this weekend, and will update more info later on.

EFX New Title

Sup guys, wanted to announce my next project (after Jurassic Extinction), Remnant Of Evolution. When i started JE 1 1/2 yrs ago, an open-world large map (but performant), was out of my grasp. Not any longer. During my lessons, and the developing of JE, this project has always been there, and i work on it when i can, not a priority right now, but my love. My teacher loves it, and says “its dev growth, youll learn alot from an open-world concept”.

Remnant Of Evolution is a large 2048×2048 full blown island terrain, made with Gaia. Ill be using SECTR to chunk stream terrain, and loads only chunks that are in cameras view. Only downside is i cant add SECTR till i have it all built (terrain textures, foliage, objects, etc.). Now, i have 3/4’s of the island built, with all rocks and trees, (no plants or grass yet), with RFPS controller, and im still at 60fps, not bad. Once the island is finished, i should be around 40fps, but SECTR, and other systems, will balance that out, around 60fps in the end.

Ill also be using a performant grass far better than Unity’s. The island has many areas: swamp, mountain tops, watering holes, cave, shoreline, inland lake, enemy encampments (you aint the only one there), etc. Alot of systems will be added as time goes on, but this is a “live environment”, everything from birds, to dinos, humans, sea turtles, fish, crabs, snakes, and even plants that can cause dmg (poisen, etc.).

Now for some eye candy (WIP):

Update And Info

Heya guys, glad alot of people are enjoying the Demo, have alot of positive feedback. Tonight was very busy, i taught a class, then i had class myself, lol. I was talking with my teacher after class and he had a convincing idea, which is to release 1 more demo, so ill be playing the 9 levels, and decide on one. Details later.

Tonight during class i was asked a good question: “If you use 1 directional light, and you look at the backside (opposite direction), it looks like crap”. So i explained a trick most all of us know. You set up a 2nd directional light, and turn off shadows. Now you place it in the opposite direction of the 1st directional light, to counter that effect.

Heres a SS from my open-world survival island project, where i use that same set up, and you can control and set both directional lights to a desired effect:

UI Adjustment

Per Antipodish, and 25+ other reports, ive adjusted the options menu. The drop-downs now have a dark BG, better to see, and the main BG now is set as an in-game image. Thnx to those who took the time to comment and gave feedback, though theres a lack of that here on this thread. The website, social media, beta testers, and PM’s/e-mails/texts, had a better resonse.

If theres anything you see thats out of place, needs attention, or you would like to see, please let me know, as i only have so many beta testers. Also looking into improving the Audio section, as some have noticed that the Audio Voices function/slider doesnt work. Thats because i have a complete audio mixer set up for JE. So i need to work on sorting out the integration of that mixer, into the UI. Heres the update:

Demo Is Here!

Sup guys, sorry im late (had to work late last night). Heres the intro/level 1 Demo, now remember this is a 4k game, so if you dont have a decent video card (no on board video), or it might not run so well, but you can try different settings/options.

Just a demo to get any feedback, or comments. Personaly i have a bunch of copies out there on different rigs, and so far it plays on alot of them, but the better the system is, the better it looks and plays. Enjoy:

Demo Update!

Heres the most recent post from the official Unity JE Thread:

Great news!, ill be hosting the demo on my own server, ill upload it tomorrow night (have class tonight). What ive done is, for the past 2 days ive released the demo to close friends, family, my teacher (hes had it for months, lol), and people i know personally, as they are my backbone support.

Next is here, to you guys, my second family. I really appreciate any support, and ive had meetings with promoters, but they want such a large cut, that id be better off promoting JE myself, which is the next step. During all of this, ive squeezed out enough time to work on the next project, and the workflow is working out better than expected.