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More Levels

Sup guys, great news. What im doing is taking the best levels from v2 and the current, and combining them. Now, heres why: some of the levels from v2 (3 of them) were well made and have a real fun feel to them, and fun is where its at.

Ive also looked at other factors, like visual, environmental, and gfx (how it looks, and feels). I have to say, this is killer good, as JE will now have more levels (around 10), which i like, and will have the same nice gfx/PPE like the current version. I spent a few hours tweaking and setting up level 1 from v2, and wow, far better gfx/PPE, and the performance with just a few optimization changes, is in the high 70’s.

Remember, as a few have stated here on the forumā€¦take your time, do it right, and be realistic. Well with the pandemic, and world unrest, id be a fool to release anything until this all is over, and stable. Do it right?, check. JE has gone through Builtin, HDRP, and 3 prototypes. Im all set, and so is the path, and JE only gets better, the SS’s and video’s show it. Ill have video soon, its looking good, heres 2 SS”s from the converted level 1 of v2, the Dilo Den, and the Raptor Ravine šŸ™‚

Current Work

Ok, what ive been doing lately, is a vision of the best JE builds/prototypes. Prototype v2 had 3 levels which were very well made. So ive incorperated them into the latest build. Now this is really a test to see if i can integrate the best work done, into a final build.

It would be easy, and wouldnt take long at all. So ive been testing this out, so just need some time to fully test. Ive always thought that v2 was more fun for the player, and thats more important.


I had a new student tonight, that signed up for my Unity game dev classes, a “newbie”. Now mind you, i use video conference software, where i can see the students and their comp screens. Class starts, going great, then he asks “isnt there a prog that can do that for me?”. “Sorry, no, there isnt”. 20 mins later he asks the same question, lol. I can see the other students reactions.

Typical generation, wants everything done for them. So in a cool way i told him, “no offence, but maybe game dev isnt for you, as you have to learn C# and systems, and work hard to be one, there is no easy button”. His screen went blackā€¦ 1st time ive had a student rage quit. Dont be an ass, just because something wont do everything for you, and disrupt the other students, who ARE here to learn and pay their dues.

Shining example of a generation to comeā€¦.lol. Good luck.

Level 6 Run Through

Lots of work done, and will be working on the combat side of JE for the next few days. If anyone knows of a good video capture prog, let me know. As the current one i use, doesnt like the high FPS that the game plays in, and not very performant. Heres the new changes:

  • Juvinile dinos added (kentro, ovi raptor, and carno).
  • level 2 and 5 are night levels.
  • Alot of dino movement and audio passes.
  • Started dino combat passes (dmg, health, movement).

Heres a vid of a run through level 6, in its current state:

Night Level WIP

JE is very different now, but really good, far better. Every level has its own feel (lighting, skybox, audio, particle effects, etc.). Theres day, night, sunset, sunrise, etc., so levels are being developed with this in mind. Ive done alot of work to the dinos themselves, but theres still more to be done.

To me, this is the most important and critical phase…game-wide fine tuning, and the most fun. Being able to play the complete game, porting from level to level, killing dinos, taking in the great environment, and its storyline, is so damn cool, lol. Heres a video of Gigantophis (giant sanke), (the tail animation came out great!) at night time:

Baby Dinos!

Heya guys, i spent today implimenting a new featureā€¦juvinile dinos. Only certain species will have them. Heres a SS of Carno, with his son, had to adjust the pitch for the roar, and all movement/animation had to be adjusted, as hes so much smaller:

Night Time Level

Been working on the dinos alot today, made an audio pass, more animation/movement passes, and environment work. Heres a SS of level 5, which is a night time level, really shaping up!

Protoraptor Tail WIP

Sup guys šŸ™‚ You all remember my Protoraptors, they are alot bigger than velociraptors, which in reality were no bigger than a dog, or a turkey. Per the conversation with Antypodish, ive added in the tail animation for them, but, their tails wave vertically.

If you study scientific facts about raptors, it only makes sense for the tail to wave up and down. So heres the eye candy, still needs a bit more adjustment (i havent done movement/animation yet, just tail), but looking very cool, and different:

Acro WIP

Done alot of work tonight on Acrocanthosaurus, as well as some game-wide changes:

  • Turning Angle for all dinos adjusted (turning angle is WHEN a turning animation can start, by angle).
  • Heavy animation/movement work on Orthros (quadraped, not easy).
  • Re-texture of Acrocanthosaurus (full body, mouth: teeth, toungue and inside gums, hue work).

Acro came out nice, as you will see, the turning, and speed there of, is ALOT better. He still needs tail animation, damn thing is stiff as a board, lol:

Promised Spino Video

I really enjoy the dev work at this point. Seeing the changes game-wide is very cool. Being able to play the whole game is a trip, lol. Tonight i made an audio pass, and animation work:

  • Dino footstep sounds added to all dinos.
  • Most dinos have multiple idle sounds added, (when they bark, theres multiple/random sounds played).
  • Wait time between animations lowered (more fluid movement).

Heres the promised video, of spinosaurus and his new animation/movement adjustments. The turning is way better, and the walk is spot on. Tail animation will be next: