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In Process!

Ok guys, all is in order. New internet and ive started the Steam publishing process. Ill be making a final compile saturday night. Pretty exciting to be gathering promo videos, screenshots, and doing all the desriptions and write ups. $100 aint bad to publish and release to the public.

Ill also post an update soon, on the HDRP version, which ive been working on for the last 5 nights. The only prob ive run into is with shaders for trees and plants, which i have alot for HDRP, but it seems theres always some problem with them, that i have to correct or re-write. Ill be switching them over to the CTI HDRP shaders tonight.

Ill post a video of it soon, and once ready enough, ill have a demo ready…

A new begining…

Tonight was my last private class in 3d game development. Im so lucky to have such a mentor. I completed and passed all lessons over 12 months with a 98 percent rating.

Im proud of this, ive worked my ass off to not only teach others what ive learned, but to also further myself… In this day and age, its all about information. Google doesnt have all the answers. You get out of it, what you put into it…

I cant post the whole conversation (we talked for 2 hours), but my reward… i was able to try out one of the in-house engines (remote login) the team uses. OMG!, ummmm i cant look at Unity the way i used to, lol. They use Unity in at least one of their titles, and use a few “well known” Unity assets, but heavily modified. So i was at home with the set up.

Exciting, and sad at the same time. Time to pull up my pants, wipe my forehead, and forge on…


Sorry for such a late update, but im having major internet probs. Im currently looking for a new provider, not easy, as the 3 i contacted say due to the pandemic, theres a 3-6 week wait, wth?. So im stuck with my cell phone hotspot, till i get a new provider. I hate dealing with these people, lol.

On the good side, the build works great, no errors, runs just like the demos. I decided to continue where i left off with HDRP version. When i booted it up, i was like damn! this looks insane!. Ill be working on it till i get a new internet provider, then ill upload and release JE, and hopefully will have the HDRP version finished by then, as its real close to done.

So hold on, its coming, im not dead of have COVID, lol. Will keep you up to date…


Heya guys, well i tried “crunch compression”, to bring the file size down but didnt work so well. The size came down, but i can see the effect in game, and i know why. JE is built for HD type gfx, as well as being fully 4k. The crunch compression was the only thing changed, and JE didnt like it, lol.

No loss, over 2 gb aint too bad for a 9 level game like this. I played the complete game a few times last night, and couldnt stop, lol. Ive updated some of the narration, and adjusted some animation, here and there. More updates this weekend.

Late Update

Sorry for the late update, still here, work has been taking up most of my time right now (spring/summer season is our busiest). The build is around 2.5 GB, as im looking into ways of decreasing the size as much as possible, and a few last minute changes..

I have a few select people that have the game already, reports are mostly “good performance” and “great GFX”. Ill be testing builds for the next few nights, and will update when i can.

Reports And Promotion

From reports, looks like everyone enjoyed the latest demo. Ill be finishing small details and will be compiling/making a build of the complete game by this weekend. Initial release will be Steam, but need to get some promotion done, something im not too good at, but must do, lol.

2nd Demo Is Here!

As promised, heres the demo for level 6, the night time level. Now you get to encounter the Giant Snake! Enjoy, and please post any feedback:


A friend of mine on the Unity Forums made a comment about spare time… My reply:

Spare time? Whats that?, lol (FT job, personal classes 4 x a week, teach 2 classes a week, JE, and 1 other project, occasional work on a MMO server emulator, and try to help on the forum). The forum has been acting up on me too, im sure they will sort it out.

I compiled/built the 2nd demo tonight, and play tested it a few times, looks good, and .7zip file is only 260mb. Most all levels are around 250mb, and i have 9 levels, (dont make me do the math for you, lol). Sorry im late, work on the MMO went longer than i thought. Will try to upload tonight, but im burnt out, Need sleep, lol


Heya guys, the 2nd demo is compiled/built and will be released this coming monday-tuesday, as ive been called back into action for the weekend, on a server emulator (modeling, textures, and scripting). Ill pop in when i can. I also finished work on the main menu, and heres a short clip of the ending credits:

Level 6 Demo

Heres a SS of level 6, the pachys almost look like a rock, when sleeping: