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HDRP Controller?

Been working on JE HDRP tonight, and its got to that point where i need to decide on a controller. UFPS is good in HDRP, but it shows its age. I have 1 more 1st person controller that works great in HDRP, and its used in my latest (un-announced) game, Direct Contact. Its a heavily modified version of RFPS Prefab.

RFPS Prefab is a bit old too, but runs great (code-wise), and functions awesome in HDRP. So this could bring alot to JE HDRP. Wasnt going to do this but, heres video of a prototype version of Direct Contact, so you can see the controller functions i like. The blood spatter/decal is just right, more available weapons and pick ups, explodable objects, and performance is great, DC runs at 70+ FPS, in HDRP. Worst case senario, i switch to UFPS v2.0:

HDRP Rain!

A small update, but a cool achivement. As we all know theres no “rain” asset on the store for HDRP, but i needed rain for a few of the levels in JE HDRP. So ive ported Rain Maker asset to HDRP!. I use Rain Maker in the builtin version, so it was natural to port it over.

I changed the texture/shape of the rain drop, then hue’d it for color. I used the stock HDRP Lit shader, as im able to color/hue the Base Map, use Metallic for darkening/wet look, and Smoothness for reflectivity. With rain you never add a Normal Map. I have a ton of shaders for HDRP, but the HDRP Lit really fit well. BTW, one of my students said “you cant add rain, as theres no asset available for it in HDRP, so it must not be supported”, ummm…hey GD65, ill see you in classs tomorrow, lol:

JE HDRP Foliage Update

Sup guys, today i worked on JE HDRP foliage, and ive finally got the hue/look ive been trying to get. I really like how it looks, and with 4K textures, it brings out alot of detail (look at the tree bark on the left). I use CTI HDRP shaders for all foliage, which they have 3 shaders, bark, billboard, and leaves:

HDRP Update

Been working alot on the HDRP version of JE, and i now have something to show. Its been alot of work to get to this point, had alot of basic “porting over to SRP” probs, that just took time to sort out:

  • All textures are 4K.
  • Lighting, cameras and shadow mods/adjustments.
  • Alot of shader work (to say the least, lol).

Alot more to do, performance is about what i expected at this point, 40+ fps at lowest. But runs really good, no lag, spikes, or etc. Im surprised at the way HDRP handles 4K textures, theres not alot of performance hit. All of this with a 1st person controller (with 2 cameras), lol.

JE Is Now 4K!

Great news, all trees, grass, rocks, plants, dinos, and controller are now 4k! To be honest, there were a few levels where the fps/ms was actually higher with the 4k textures. I adjusted the Normals, Metallic, and added a bit of Smoothness…Eye candy:


Well i had a few extra days off, and ive upgraded JE to HDRP. The results are very good, and it plays and looks amazing. HDRP JE runs at 50+ FPS, and the built in runs at 70+ FPS. The builtin will be released as planned, but ill be working on the HDRP version till its ready.

Even though HDRP doesnt like them, i have the 1st person controller working good, but ill probably be using a different controller. Shader work is needed (foliage, etc.), and alot more optimization, to gain more FPS. Another thing to note: with the builtin i can actually make JE look like Farcry/Crysis, and it looks insane, but still testing that out, a very different look. Heres a video of level 1 HDRP:


Sorry for the late update, but ive been working on JE alot. No news about movement as of yet, but ive solved a prob ive had with EmeraldAI since the start. EAI shuts off colliders on the AI once game is started, so the dinos didnt have collision detection or obstacle avoidance, and would walk through objects.

This was just another item on the “To Do” list, as easily solved. Knowing how EAI functions, (and no, Unity’s collision matrix with layers doesnt work) the solve is to add a NavMesh Obstacle to the objects you want to have collision with/avoid (trees, rocks, etc.). So tested and works great, and being applied to all levels/scenes.

On the dino movement end, Ground Fitter didnt end up working out, as the performance was real bad (spikes, regardless of what update method used). Currently have ragdolls for 60% of the dinos, quadrupeds are a problem, lol. Plenty of tests and work on movement is on going, as i want things right…

Movement Update

Wanted to update with some findings per animation/movement. So far ive tested this on Protoraptors, and Gigantosaurus, and has worked very good for foot placement/IK, and turning. This still needs adjustment (turning speed, etc.). What im using is FImpossible’s Ground Fitter, with a NavMesh script.

This gives me a dynamic IK for foot placement, as well as turning speed and axis. Add this with EmeraldAI, and works well, so far. This is the 1st test, and if you look closely, you can see, with a bit of adjusting the turn speed, and syncing of animation, will work good, but time will tell…

Optimization Info

Sup guys, ive done some optimization the last few nights, and the gain in fps/ms is real good. Heres a piece from my optimization section of my unity bible, but applies to any game engine, as i always say, “if your not using it, shut it off, less is better”:

Generate Mipmaps: true (make sure to add streaming mipmaps in project/quality settings).
Max Size: 1024 (adjust as needed for detail).
Compression: low quality (Lower Disc Size).
Max Size: minimum.
Atlas textures: as much as possible.
Remove Alpha Channel.
Disable: read/write enabled.
16bit Over 32bit color.
Disable Mipmaps for UI.
Disable Streaming Mipmaps On: decal projector textures, refection probe textures, terrain textures.
Mesh Compression: use agressive compression.
Disable: read/write enabled.
Rig: if not using any animation, disable Rig, doesnt need it.
Blendshapes: disable if not using.
Normals And Tangents: if material is not using, disable.

Most of all, with models, make sure to reduce tri/poly as much as possible, without bad visual effect. JE is optimized this way, better fps/ms, but with Beautify and PPE’s, you can bring out HD type effect (sharpen, and AA most important). Just passing on useful info, (miss teaching), stay safe brothers, the world is a bit off at the moment, lol.

Update, BG Work

Sorry for the late update, as a good friend on mine, was having alot of probs with his MMO game. Had to impliment/set up, HD textures/mats, into a game that has never had HD before, but is more than capable of doing so, even though its a 10+ year old game engine. Result?, very good, a bit more taxing on the GPU, but worth the tradeoff. Ill leave the server/client side networking to the rest of the team.

While doing background work on JE, ive been play testing alot, of every level. One dino that came out exceptional is Gigantosaurus. I just love how his movement came out, not the best, but damn close. I spend hours watching the dinos walk around, eat other dinos, etc. but giganto is one of the better ones. His texture/skin, the bend down low, stop and stare, are traits of the lizard family. Some eye candy, right before i shot him (by mistake), and he ate my face off, lol: