JE – WOC Water/Terrain Update

I lied, lol, water is in (#NVJOB Simple Water Shaders). Needs some adjustment (shore line foam, etc.), but not right now, must keep moving forward. Remember, things will change as the project progresses, so water, controller, and etc. will change. So far with controller and water, its at 3 MS. As ive said, want to share much more info of the dev process, optimization, etc.

Ive also spent a few hours (yes hours, lol) and imported my go to assets for the project (tropical forest pack, dinos, rocks and boulders 2, custom textures, palm trees, skybox megapack, Beautify, EmeraldAI, etc. and the list goes on). For me its a long weekend in the USA (labor day), so alot of work will be done.

Im very excited for the project, and to continue JE as a series (as alot of you have suggested). Heres a water vid:

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