Sometimes i feel like a loner here at Unity. As i happen to be one of the very few devs that use Unity in a PC/Console 3D/High end gfx, type way. Most games are mobile/2D, but to be honest… Unity is probably the best at mobile/2d engine, compared to the rest.

I think ive proved with Jurassic Extinction, that Unity is very capable with 4K, high end gfx, and 3D realistic environments, with thousands of objects, and still performant. The HDRP version was still performant, and with killler gfx. Thank you Unity.

I dont know how JE will do on Steam, but like other devs, i hope for the best, so far looking really good. So i have a real good question for all of you… Alot want me to continue my “tropical landscape/dino/JE” type game development, and just improve on it. Some say “use UE, it would be killer good”, and another i hear alot is “do something totally different, your good at it, shake it up”. Any input would be great, lol.

1st of all, yes it would look killer great in UE, and i use the engine alot, like the other 3 engines i use. But…they dont have the “familiar” feel. Maybe im poisoned by Unity, but i can complete tasks in Unity, faster than in other engines (UE, flax, and unigine).

Maybe i just feel at “home” with Unity, due to it being my choice engine for this released title. And i dont regret one second of it…

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