Demo Update

Sorry ive been gone lately, been real busy with JE. Ive done alot of work to the Builtin version and the HDRP version. Builtin has all dialogue added, and its funny to see the 1 liners, lol. Both are looking good. Ill have a little surprise by weekends end, yes… its demo time 🙂 Ill be setting up hosting and will update with details soon.

Ive played the demo build many times, and have to say, the builtin with 4k textures, with Beautify and PPE mix…lookin real good. Everywhere you look, high detail, close up, or far away. Heres a video of level 3, a fight with T-Rex (yes i lost, lol), pay close attention to the detail. Ive worked damn hard at sqeezing out as much GFX/Camera Effects in Builtin, as possible, and it has paid off:

Side note: ive always loved the Temperature Setting/Option, on the directional light in HDRP, well you can also have that in Builtin. I may need to adjust it a bit more agressively… but it adds a really good warm type look with hue.

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