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Subtitles update 2

Ok, ive made a compromize (some didnt like the “typewriter” effect). What i did was shut off the typewriter effect, and my subtitle system allows me time control (how long it shows, when to start/stop, etc.). So ive adjusted the times so you can fully read the scentance, before another starts.

This will be adjust once again later, as ill be syncing the audio clip, to the text, once i add them. But my compromize is, i did leave the text output centered, i like it that way, lol. Heres a convo with shawn in level 4:

Storyline Introduction

The storyline: Your name is SGT John Paul Dupree, a Navy officer on a flight back to the
states from Japan, you served your duty, its time to go home. On the flight is your best
friend and commanding officer MAJ Omar Khourey, and pilot Scott Tailor.
A sudden storm appears, and a big bang is heard… (pilot scott tailor): “you better jump,
engine 2 is out and we’re going down!”. You and steve decide to grab parachutes and bail,
as you open the cargo door, a freakish bolt of lightning hits you…thats the last you

You awake to find your in a strange place, with what looks to be a tropical type
environment, but not one you have ever seen before, something is different. (you): “where
the hell am i?”, wonder if any of the others landed here?”, only one way to find out”.
As you walk towards god knows what, you are startled by the sound of something, you have
never heard before (a dilophosaurus call). You stop, and look, and what you see, you cant
believe…(you): “dinosaurs?” “what the hell kind of place did i land in?”. You have a knife, and
pistol with 1 clip. (you): “Well this isnt good”.

With quick thinking and well aimed shots, you kill the 2 dilophosaurs… (you): “Ya know, i
just wanted to go home, damnit”… As you progress you come to a skeleton, wearing a
distinctive pistol holster. (you): “Omar!…it, it, cant be?, we just landed an hour or
two ago, how can you be decomposed already?”, (you yell out loud): “What the hell is going
on?, where am i?”…

So now my well written out storyline is being currently added in.

Updated Subtitles

Example Dialogue

Example/WIP without audio, which ill add later. Still needs work, but i have the whole weekend to whip it into shape. This system has acually been in game for months, just havent got to that point yet, lol:

GamePlay Question

Someone asked about gameplay plans on the Unity Forums, my reply: I posted the storyline here a bit ago, but i plan it to be inbetween both. There will be a storyline played out with dialogue and audio, or cutscenes.

Example: while playing level 1, you come across a dead body, who looks like your boss who was on the plane when you all bailed out (its in all level 1 videos, a skeleton with a familiar gun holster). When you see the body, a cutscene will play, or dialogue/audio will play. “Omar?, but that cant be you, your decomposed?, we just jumped a few hours ago?”. “Whats going on here?”. You also meet a survivor of the island in level 4, etc.

Cutscenes are great, but i dont want to load up on them, so many games ive played over the years have way too many cutscenes (bloatware), its like watching the game, not playing it. While you play youll hear things like: “where the hell am i?”, “what in gods name is that?” “are the others here?”, etc. I want to hear the main character talk, its more personal.

New Trees HDRP

Updates done to the Builtin version have been done to the HDRP version (smoothness, normals, etc.). But, the only problem ive run into is…SpeedTree. I had them working great in 2018 LTS, but they have a big problem with 2019 LTS, the LOD’s dont work. So they have to be replaced, only in the HDRP version.

I have a great replacement tree for the conifers, and it also has branchlets. In the video you will see trees dont have LOD’s working (poping everywhere, lol), but theres one tree that runs great, and i like the darker density look towards the inner of the tree, check it out, think you will like it, fits HDRP well…

Builtin Update

Sup guys, alot of work has been done to the builtin version and the HDRP version. This is a builtin update, as HDRP is its own monster, lol, and ill update about HDRP soon. The following has been done, and a SS of the re-textured t-rex:

  • Added a new shader to foliage.
  • Smoothness has been applied to all vegetation.
  • Shut off Bloom in PPE.
  • Smoothness added to all dinos, and adjusted all normals.
  • Wind adjusted for all vegetation, per new shader.
  • Now using spherical wind, instead of directional.

HDRP Controller?

Been working on JE HDRP tonight, and its got to that point where i need to decide on a controller. UFPS is good in HDRP, but it shows its age. I have 1 more 1st person controller that works great in HDRP, and its used in my latest (un-announced) game, Direct Contact. Its a heavily modified version of RFPS Prefab.

RFPS Prefab is a bit old too, but runs great (code-wise), and functions awesome in HDRP. So this could bring alot to JE HDRP. Wasnt going to do this but, heres video of a prototype version of Direct Contact, so you can see the controller functions i like. The blood spatter/decal is just right, more available weapons and pick ups, explodable objects, and performance is great, DC runs at 70+ FPS, in HDRP. Worst case senario, i switch to UFPS v2.0:

HDRP Rain!

A small update, but a cool achivement. As we all know theres no “rain” asset on the store for HDRP, but i needed rain for a few of the levels in JE HDRP. So ive ported Rain Maker asset to HDRP!. I use Rain Maker in the builtin version, so it was natural to port it over.

I changed the texture/shape of the rain drop, then hue’d it for color. I used the stock HDRP Lit shader, as im able to color/hue the Base Map, use Metallic for darkening/wet look, and Smoothness for reflectivity. With rain you never add a Normal Map. I have a ton of shaders for HDRP, but the HDRP Lit really fit well. BTW, one of my students said “you cant add rain, as theres no asset available for it in HDRP, so it must not be supported”, ummm…hey GD65, ill see you in classs tomorrow, lol:

JE HDRP Foliage Update

Sup guys, today i worked on JE HDRP foliage, and ive finally got the hue/look ive been trying to get. I really like how it looks, and with 4K textures, it brings out alot of detail (look at the tree bark on the left). I use CTI HDRP shaders for all foliage, which they have 3 shaders, bark, billboard, and leaves: