Sorry for the late update, but ive been working on JE alot. No news about movement as of yet, but ive solved a prob ive had with EmeraldAI since the start. EAI shuts off colliders on the AI once game is started, so the dinos didnt have collision detection or obstacle avoidance, and would walk through objects.

This was just another item on the “To Do” list, as easily solved. Knowing how EAI functions, (and no, Unity’s collision matrix with layers doesnt work) the solve is to add a NavMesh Obstacle to the objects you want to have collision with/avoid (trees, rocks, etc.). So tested and works great, and being applied to all levels/scenes.

On the dino movement end, Ground Fitter didnt end up working out, as the performance was real bad (spikes, regardless of what update method used). Currently have ragdolls for 60% of the dinos, quadrupeds are a problem, lol. Plenty of tests and work on movement is on going, as i want things right…