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Ending Explination

The idea of an ending like this was planned from the start (hence the name). Also, i dont think ive seen any game have this type of ending, and wanted something different. Ive had about 15 people play it to the end and they were surprised, and liked it.

Currently im working on dialogue and promotional material. Im still tweaking things here and there, but the game itself is basicly done, sad to say. I also have a few people that want to do the voice overs for free, as they just want the experience for their portfolio. The next part im not too good at, but my lawyer is helping, is promotion and publishing. I could do a Steam release as an individual, will have to see.


Some of you are quick…lol. The SS shows alot of info, if you look. In the sky is an asteroid entering our atmosphere (burning on entry). This is what we call a “global killer”. At the speed it travels, you wont hear anything, only see a bright flash of light, then a destructive wave, destroys any and everything, around the globe…the earth.

Dinosaurs were chosen to be wiped out, removed from the historic record, and by natural selection, or by “survival of the fittest”/Darwin theology… Either way, its natures/gods correction…live with it, or should i say, die with it…

End Game Work

Heya guys, ive been working on the end game scene. As youll see ive added the brachiosaurs in, just need to finish off some foliage and lighting. Cant show the whole ending, but heres a WIP SS, only one ill be posting:


Real sorry guys, ive been working alot on UI integration, background code (alot of it is trash), surface decals, and functionality. Nothing i can can show in a video just yet, but needs to be done. Everything in game now has effects from bullet shots (wood, stone, gravel, and flesh), with decal support.

Another thing im working on is the ending sequence/scene. Once done, ill have video posted soon. Im also going to be releasing a demo of the 1st level, so im testing builds and working out details. The biggest thing is hosting, as i need a good host for the demo.

I work on JE every day, its my love, always refining and fine tuning, and gets better each time. So far publishers and promoters that im considering (4 at present time), all have the same answer, “we want to maximize our and your profit, and feel with the state of the country (covid, elections), now isnt a wise time to release”.

Well i can understand this, and gives me more time for polish. So this is to my advantage. You may see less updates, but the background work continues, and only makes things far better in the end 


Latest Update

Yes im alive, and so is JE. Had very little time to work on JE lately, but i have finished the UI, only need to set up a few functions, and additions to the beastiary. The ending scene, and dialogue is all thats left.

Ill be posting updates this weekend, as ive been busy with background work (bad code, re writing code, etc.). Optimization is big at this stage, as adding UI and HUD effects the whole scene. Only the pause/HUD really matters, as it runs during gameplay, the main menu and loading screens do not.