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Small Update

Hey guys, real sorry, im still really sick, again not corona, but i felt good enough to spend a few hours completing the pause menu. If you look at the main menu, and its background, thats where i got my color scheme from, as it has everything from green to blood red, and it matches the colors i used on the UFPS HUD.

The UI is really shaping up, i like it, and as i feel better, ill be deving more 🙂


Sorry…ive been home sick for days (not corona, cold/alergies). After finishing the code mess in the UI (2 reversed functions), i play tested it. Everything was working and was great, but it didnt seem to fit the game, as i was used to it NOT freezing the game when paused. I missed the excitement of where ever i paused, having to make sure i wouldnt aggro a dino, and out of danger. To me, thats a nice feature, and risk.

Just tonight i made that mistake. Was playing a few levels and stopped at the base of a rock to pause, well i didnt kill all 3 dimorphodons, so one came up and kiled me, lol A cool feature, from a mistake.


Been working on the UI/main menu for the past few nights, and things are looking good. The beastiary is added, alot of work to insert SS’s, and adjust all the spacings. I have a few more dinos to add to it.

Heres a video WIP of the UI, starting to shape up:


The last few days, ive been working on GUI. Ill be the 1st to admit, im NOT good with GUI, lol. I understand it fully, but what controller you use, makes a big difference. And i use UFPS v1.7.5. An older version/script.

So trying to get anything to work with older script is a PITA, as i use the latest 2019 LTS build. Worst case senario: i switch out the controller, to the new Opsive controller (1st or 3rd), if needed. So background work continues…

Area 3 WIP

Got home from work, and finished the trees, rocks, grass, and bushes for area 3. From the top, you go down 3 dead trees, to the bottom level. I love how the environment came out, and its not done yet. Ive also added the Protoceratops (2), ill get their AI done tomorrow, and start on animation/movement:

Final Area 2 WIP

Ok, ive done alot of work on area 2 tonight, and some changes/decisions have been made, and please remember guys, STICK TO YOUR WORKFLOW, if you stop to worry about every little detail, youll never progress:

  • Dimorphodons have been added in, and set up.
  • Pteranodons added and set up.
  • All custom navmesh surfaces set up on high rocks and etc.

Now, area 2 and the dinos are all basicly set up. Im going to have to make a custom ragdoll for the fliers, (that will be fun, lol), so they can fly higher and have more realism. But that will have to wait. As i need to get all areas basicly set up (workflow), before i go into details. Next ill be setting up area 3. Heres final WIP for area 2, i like how this area came out:

Level 8 Area 2 WIP

Feels good to have all the time i need for JE. Area 2’s foliage, and dead trees, is about done, and will be adding in dinos tomorrow night. 1st will be dimorphodons. Heres a short video of progress, also, if you fall off the logs crossing the high stones at that height, (while fighting pteranodons) you die:

Site Is Read Only, Thank The Spammers

This site is now Read Only, due to the spammers, and the off topics posted in Comments, forums, and etc. This site is about the video games that Enigmatic FX develops, not about spam, and blog writing.

And remember that when i revisit this as JE gets closer to release. I dont like spending 30 mins deleting comments and users, i have better things to do with my time.

New Level, Area 1

Hey guys, done alot to area 1 of the new level, its mostly done, and will be finishing it up tonight. Ill be starting on area 2 tomorrow, cant wait, got alot planned for it (breakable wall, fliers, and log bridges to fall off of, lol. Area 1 came out great, and the ankylosaurs should be set with their movement/animation in a few hours.

Area 3 will have 2 protoceratops, and like their kin, they are heavily armored, so killing them wont be easy, havent decided weapon for them yet, but will be shotgun or assault rifle. Currently this level is running at 170 fps, so by the time the level is done, it should be around (at lowest) 70-80 fps, maybe a bit higher. Heres the eye candy:

New Level Info

Heres the in-dev info on the new level, 8 (level number will be changed later). In area 1, youll encounter Ankylosaurus, 3 of them. Now anky only has 1 attack, as he is a herbavore. but the tail attack is more than enough, its high dmg, hell, the dino is carrying a sledge hammer on the back of his tail, lol.

The second area (you can see some of), will be Dimorphodons, and pteranodons. I loved that area from JE v2. And heres the eye candy: