I have to post this so everyone knows the workflow. Im almost done building the levels, now after the levels are built is where the fun comes in. I now can tweak dino animation/movement, textures/mats, behaviors, gfx and more, but on a game wide (all levels) scale.

That was my mistake on other prototypes, trying to build a complete/finished level at a time. Wrong. My teacher pointed this out and said “just roughly build all the levels, then do gamewide tweaks/changes/adjustments, its alot faster”. Hes right.

So once levels are done (im down to level 6 and 7 left), expect to see overall big changes in dino movement, look, and behavior, as well as gameplay set up and environment tweaks.

P.S. would like to thank community members, as well as my teacher mike, for the input/comments. As a few have said “give yourself more time”. Well with the pandemic and unrest, i have some extra time, and ive used it well. I will not rush to release JE in a time like this, even big studios are pushing back release dates right now.

As i always say: things can only get better…

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