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Orthros Area WIP

Sup guys, heres a WIP video of Orthros, i just got him in, and basic AI done. He will need alot of animation/movement work later on, and just started environment, but you can see what he is, and how he moves. He will also need texture/mat work. Area should be done in the next few days (video to follow), then onto Acrocanthosaurus area:

Play Test

After some work on level 7 tonight, i decided… “hey, i havent played or seen all the other levels in weeks”. So i played all the levels, and it was so good to see all my dinos, and how good the levels are. It really looks good, and its so nice to have all the levels made, so you can make what i call “final passes” to them (audio, dino movement/animation/behavior, gfx, environment, UI, cutscenes/dialogue, etc.).

While playing, i can see how its going to look with all the final passes done. Like, alot of the dinos are already very close with their movement/animation. Also while playing, i can see some environment changes (foliage, rocks, trees, etc.). Performance is insanely good (80+ FPS in all levels, higher most times).

Ive been so involved in deving JE, that it was just nice to stop working, and just play it. See what you want to do, with what you see. And of course, how can it be better. Add it to the workflow, and make it happen. Im most excited to get to the dino animation/movement/behavior pass, cant wait to see the dinos looking great, as someone here once said, “they are the stars of the show, make them good, take the time”.

Hope everyones projects are going well, AND your having fun doing so 🙂

Final Level Info

Heya, heres the last 3 species, of the last/final level. (left to right) Spinosaurus(1), Acrocanthosaurus (2), and Orthros(1). Remember, spinosaurus is over 50 feet long, and the final boss.

  • Spino: is the king lizards. Very big, but not really slow either. New scientific discoveries are now showing proof that spino was actually a water dino, a swimmer predator.
  • Orthros: is a very different dino, an evolutionary mistake, or genetic abnormality. He has 2 heads, is a quadraped, so he moves fast, and can bite you with either or both heads.
  • Acrocanthosaurus: is actually alot like gigantosaurus, but smaller, and more streamlined. Its jaw design is very different, unlike a t-rex or carnotaur.

Ive already started work on level 7, and working on some terrain/area ideas. I expect this last level to take about a week. Ill be updating with progress:

Giganto Video WIP

As promised, video of Gigantosaurus WIP, at the end he actually pushes me to the side with his tail, lol. Area is 90% done, giganto’s animation/movement/behavior will be done with all the dinos, once levels are finished.

I did get his walk down real good, but still needs: turn animations/adjustments, tail animation adjustment, shorter idle animation time, and a behavior pattern. The texture/mat came out with good detail, but its missing something, almost like Smoothness in the material, or emission:

Giganto Area WIP

Sup guys, well i finished the textures/mats for Gigantosaurus, got AI roughed out, and brought out some good detail and hue. He has alot of animations, and his textures are set at 2048 for now, may up it later on. All my dinos are high detail, the closer you look, the better it is.

Heres a SS WIP of the boss area of level 6. This area and level will be done begining of this week, and video to follow 🙂


I have to post this so everyone knows the workflow. Im almost done building the levels, now after the levels are built is where the fun comes in. I now can tweak dino animation/movement, textures/mats, behaviors, gfx and more, but on a game wide (all levels) scale.

That was my mistake on other prototypes, trying to build a complete/finished level at a time. Wrong. My teacher pointed this out and said “just roughly build all the levels, then do gamewide tweaks/changes/adjustments, its alot faster”. Hes right.

So once levels are done (im down to level 6 and 7 left), expect to see overall big changes in dino movement, look, and behavior, as well as gameplay set up and environment tweaks.

P.S. would like to thank community members, as well as my teacher mike, for the input/comments. As a few have said “give yourself more time”. Well with the pandemic and unrest, i have some extra time, and ive used it well. I will not rush to release JE in a time like this, even big studios are pushing back release dates right now.

As i always say: things can only get better…


Heres a SS of the big boys of JE (left: spinosaurus, middle: gigantosaurus, right: t-rex), Trex is already in game, the other 2 are not yet. Giganto is boss of level 6, and spino is the end boss. Spinos mat/texture has changed, ive added a darker brown (like forest floor or tree bark) to accent the dark green (bush and plant environment). It looks alot better, and more adapted to surroundings. But look at the scale! and they are all correct scale, these guys were big! Giganto is 45-50 feet long:


Heya guys, alot of you have asked in the comments, to add more, explain more, so ill try and supply more info of the dev process. Now, please remember, we use Unity3D for this project, and some processes and procedures may only be applicable to that specific engine, others can be applied to any engine.

This website/blog was created so i can have a written record or history of projects/games developed. And ill try not to bore you, as sometimes i can get really technical. So bear with me 🙂

Level 6 Area 2

Ive decided to put Styracosaurus in area 2, instead of dimorphodons. They are in game, textures/mats are all done (brought out alot of detail), and basic AI done. Still have more to do, and the boss of this level (exciting) is Gigantosaurus!. We are getting down to the last few levels, and as i promised the big boys are coming out. Giganto is almost ready to leave the dino lab, so this weekend will be good. Heres a video of the styracosaur area WIP:


Heya guys, just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for all the great comments and questions. Im a bit behind on answering them, but between teaching game dev classes, working on JE, taking my own private classes, and a full time job, time isnt something i can really spare these days, lol.

Ill get caught up soon, and remember, if your game dev’ing or writting a blog like this, no matter your job, you got into it because you have a passion for it… let it flow, be honest with yourself, relax, and give it 100% 🙂